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Zoya | Monet Topper For Spring 2014


The counterpart to the Zoya Awaken collection, if you missed that post you can find it here. I wanted to post this on its own simply because it's breathtaking - very feminine, glitzy and magical all at the same time and if I am only going to buy one polish/glitter/topcoat this year you can bet your ass it's going to be this one. 

Drink in the beauty...
Iridescent, holographic and chunky this would be perfect worn on top of the Awaken collection as pictured at the top of this post or as a standalone polish. If you're a no frills girl then this is going to be a great polish - I love polishes that I can apply quickly and not have to deal with re-applying a day later when it chips (that's why I love liquid sand polishes and glitters). 

Once released chances are you'll get it from Nail Polish Direct here

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