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Bobbi Brown // Nude Glow Crystal Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown launched their Nude Glow collection back in January and I had my sights firmly set on the limited edition eye palettes. There are three palettes but it was the lightest one which is called Crystal, that garnered my interest due to me preferring to wear nude shades. I have since received the palette which you will see below... 

Ahhh, it's a beauty, isn't it? You'll see the other two palettes pictured above - the centre and the right-hand side are the ones I don't have yet. The palette I do have is called Crystal, the warmed toned palette is called 'Bronze' and the palette on the right which is a warmer nude is called 'Nude'. 

Each palette holds four eyeshadows in an array of formula and finishes. The aim of each is to brighten your look while leaving you radiant and gorgeous and you know, Crystal certainly does just that. I think the name Crystal is apt for this because it's so light but so shiny and precious on the skin. 

The lightest pink shadow (top left) is called Porcelain. It's the lightest shade and has the least amount of shimmer in it, the formula has a matte appeal to it also and it works as a great all over base colour. The darker pink (bottom right) is called Angel Pink and as you guessed it's a nude pink with a hint of rosiness to it, it also has more shimmer and it's my favourite from the whole palette. 

The lighter gold (top right) is Opal Sparkle, it's a nude cool toned shimmery shadow that is very introverted but beautiful, the darker gold tone (bottom left) is called Mica Sparkle which has an almost gold and silver quality to it which is why it looks slightly darker on the skin.  

1. Angel Pink // 2. Porcelain // 3. Mica Sparkle // 4. Opal Sparkle

These are the dry swatches, stupidly I didn't swatch them in order from light to dark so I've popped the names above. You can see they're very nude and all have a shimmery quality with the two sparkle shadows, of course, having much more sparkle - the sparkle, however, is minuscule. I have super light skin so the tones may show up better on more tanned or darker skin tones. I'd love to see swatches on tanned skin. 

1. Porcelain  // 2. Angel Pink // 3. Opal Sparkle  // 4. Mica Sparkle 

I couldn't just leave you without doing some wet swatches. The wet swatches definitely give the colours more of a visible edge but you know I kind of prefer the angelicness of the dry swatches especially for a pretty day to day look.  

Overall with a great makeup base, these do make you look radiant, I've also used the Angel Pink on the apples of my cheeks as it's rosy and slightly luminescent - as a solo blusher, it would be incredible. Layering each of these up allows you to get some colour definition - especially with the Mica Sparkle in the creases and the Angel Pink as your overall wash of colour. If you prefer more of a glitzy eye you can then top your eye base with the two gold-toned sparkles, the Opal Sparkle looks fantastic in the corners of the eye and under your brown line to highlight and the sparkle doesn't migrate down your face like some other brands shimmery sparkle products do. 

Big thumbs up to Bobbi Brown I'm hooked! I really want to try the Bronze version now and I'll quite happily part with £35 for that knowing how lovely the formula is for this palette. If you fancied picking up your own you can get them from the Bobbi Brown website. They're selling out fast however. 


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