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Diets // Thought You'd Seen It All?

I post these little factoid posts every so often because I love to learn, I love finding crazy titbits and figured maybe you would too. Don't worry I won't be posting these too often. I'm all about having a healthy attitude to your body, your self and your attitude with food. Everything in moderation and of course if you start to find you're getting ill then look at what foods you've eaten recently - it may be a food allergy. Please do not follow any of these diets listed. 

Here they are: 

Alcorexia Diet // Do you enjoy having a drink every now and again with your friends or are you a glass of wine or two girl? Dread going on a diet and watching your friends go out drinking - the calories in that alcopop are through the roof and you know it so you put off your diet until Monday? Well, Alcorexia's take it one step further. Saving up their weekly calories by eating very little, just as anorexic's do and then ''spending'' their saved up calories which are usually around eight to ten thousand on a weekend's drinking. Personally, this just screams of alcoholism and an eating disorder to me. 

Breatharian Diet //  Please don't ever try this one guys. This cray-cray diet consists of swallowing air rather than eating food or drinking. Of course, you're going to lose weight but you're risking so many more health issues, fatigue, impairing your immune system and well so much more it's not worth even trying! There are lots of people of all ages from teens wanting the hot skinny body with that oh so important thigh gap and hip bone gap to older ladies who want to do it to achieve zen. All-in-all, you may get skinnier, you may get more zen (I highly doubt you'd be able to do anything other than sit 'zenned' without any sustenance in your body) but ultimately you may also end your life with this one. 

The Tapeworm Diet // This is illegal but it still happens would you believe, it's also as gross as it sounds. Tapeworms are parasitic worms that eat the contents of your stomach, if you eat anything then they too will gobble up the food leaving you getting skinnier and skinnier. I've heard of some people that swallow the eggs and end up in hospital once the worms get to an unhealthy size and I've heard of people who have passed from this (not anyone I physically know of course). 

The Cotton Ball Diet // Oooh yum - cotton balls..... not. This diet requires you to eat cotton balls before you eat meals so that your stomach is full and you're unable to eat as much. Cotton balls are of no benefit to the body (other than cleaning your face of course) and you risk injuring your digestive system and impairing your health. 

Biotyping Diet // Biotyping is based on following nutritional advice based on your body biotype. If you're a thyroid-type apparently you should follow the paleo diet but of course, this comes at a cost. A basic Metabolic Typing package costs £55 and there are further costly options on top of that. Surely you could just research this yourself? 

Dukan Diet // This one received some major hype across the world, celebrities and book deals, media miles by the millions so why would I put it in the cray-cray list? well, it restricts the diet and the high protein aspect can lead to cardiovascular problems. I don't get why a balanced diet could not be considered? 

One Colour Diet //  Celebrities went wild for this, basically, they'd choose a colour and eat only that coloured foods - white for example would give you eggs, cauliflower, potatoes etc. 

What do you think, would you agree these are as cray-cray as they come? Don't do it guys, Pinterest offers a ton of recipes, Google, Graze boxes even - just try and eat a balanced diet. 

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