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Ecosse Candles | Fairydust & Fresh Linen

Ecosse Candles are an awesome homegrown candle company based here in Scotland - Ayrshire to be exact which is based on the Clyde Coast. I've tried so many indie and smaller branded candles before but none ever measured up to the quality of the candles produced by Ecosse Candles. Each candle is loving made using natural soy wax and the best grade premium fragrance oils - the soy wax is sustainable and each candle has been hand-poured. Their aim is to produce candles that are as natural as possible because let's be fair a candle that's made with a ton of gunk and chemicals is going to release those nasties right into the air you breathe. 

I have two candles at the moment but rest assured I have my eye on a few more. The Green Grass especially is right on the top of my wish list because I am loving grassy scents - you'll see more grassy and kooky scents being featured on the blog over the next few months. 

First up is the Fairydust candle. This is a large jar candle which burns for around eighty to ninety hours and costs £16.99. The scent is described as being 'a sweet modern scent with a touch of magic' and that it is. It's fresh with a twist of sugary spun candy and isn't overpowering. 

The size is comparable to the large Yankee Candle jars but these jars are so pretty because they come in various colours depending on which fragrance you choose. This is a perfect girly girl, fairy loving pink and is perfectly suited to its Fairydust namesake. 

The second candle is the Fresh Linen candle which costs £4.49 and burns for twelve to fifteen hours.  It comes in a gorgeous sturdy yellow glass votive jar which is so pretty when it's burning as it glows giving a hint of warm yellow to the room, this is especially nice because my living room is a somewhat feminine-neutral living room so the pop of colour is awesome. 

This also burns with a wood wick which is so much easier than the standard wicks and I found it burns far more cleanly and evenly too. The scent is true to its name and it envelopes the room with gorgeous powdery soft fragrance - clean, soft and certainly fitting for spring. 

You can purchase your own candles from the Ecosse Candles website here. They offer the large jars with standard and wood wicks, votives with the two wick options, travelling tin candles and a fantastic range of fragrances. 


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