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Illamasqua // I'm The One Collection

Illamasqua, ah - they just know how to bring it to don't they. Shoving in front of the others, shocking us with their bold colours and useful products and their Valentine's collection is no different, did you expect it to be though? 

This is the first time this year (I know we're only just into it but you know what I mean, with the sheer amount of launches it surprises me that this is the first time) that I've literally loved everything - I would go and buy everything you see pictured in one go. I'm not an all in one go type shopper but I would absolutely change that for Illamasqua's I'm The One Collection.

It's hot, spicy and sensual and is so suitable for Valentine's Day and every day thereafter. The collection comes as a gift set and includes all four products. Here's what's included: 

Intense Lipgloss // This comes in Touch only. Touch is a bold red with a fine shimmer.  

Nail Polish // This comes in Throb only. Throb is a blood red. 

Colouring Pencil // Available in a new shade, Feisty. Feisty is exactly that - a feisty scarlet red. 

Lipstick // Maneater is a classic bold cherry red with a sultry matte finish. 

Which are you? Are you fiesty, a maneater, a [heart] throb or do you have the winning touch? Me... well, a lady never tells, does she? You can pick this collection up over on the Illamasqua website here, it's supposed to cost £59.50 but it's currently on offer for £50. Be quick though because they are going fast... race ya! 


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