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January Empties // Better Late Than Never

January oh January, how you came and went in a flash. So much so I hadn't realised that my empties post wasn't published *oops* I know it's not overly exciting either because January was the month of haircare and skin issues, I really tried to not use anything extra except was really needed and that was mostly basic skincare and tea-tree shampoos (which you'll find in my February empties most probably). 

So here are my somewhat dull empties. At least it shows versatility and that not every beauty blogger uses £50 onwards eye creams and facial products all of the time. We also don't always wear faces full of makeup, it's nice at times to be 'naked' to take care of the basics and get our skin and hair back to its healthy self. 

Here's what was used: 

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream // This is amazing, it smells like marzipan and is so nourishing. I used this everywhere from my hands to my feet and surprisingly the little jar lasts quite a while even with twice daily usage. 

Etat Pur B28 Light Moisturiser // This was an amazing product but the formula put me off using it. It somehow reminded me of egg whites, the stringy not quite lotion not quite goo formula. Once you get over the consistency it works wonders for your face, not sure I'll buy this one again but the brand itself is incredible. 

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Cream // I got this small pot in a Hemp gift set I purchased in the sale, it didn't last long but I fell in love with it. I was actually using it on my hands, cuticles, and feet and I will be buying the full size asap. The whole Hemp range has me hooked, to be honest. 

Moa Green Balm // I wanted to love it but I just couldn't. It's a balm that can be used from the lips, brows, cuts, pimples and dry patches but I didn't feel it worked very well if I'm being honest. The scent also put me off as it was a strange waxy scent - I'm guessing au-natural but not nice though, especially if you're using it on your face. 

Cuticura Hand Sanitiser // My go to hand sanitiser because ASDA have it and I get the home shopping but it lasts a few days at best. We go through SO much sanitiser in my household. 

Dermaco Collagen Cream // Love Dermaco and this cream. This is my second or third purchase of this cream and I will definitely be repurchasing, it's expensive granted but it actually works. My skin looks fresher and soft but without the greasy residue, you get from super moisturising creams. 

Olay Moisturiser // I grew up on the Olay brand. I use to be in love with the Olay brand but things have changed over the last few years. I realised that their products were filled with nasty ingredients and their animal testing background was a bit ski-whiff (again being P.C). This cream actually had a little bit left but I couldn't force myself to use it, I tried but it was scented and reminded me of creams my gran used to use. 

Next Define Body Spray // I don't tend to purchase scented body sprays but I do pick up the Define spray from time to time, it reminds me of Giorgio She perfume which I adore. 

4711 Miniature // I blogged about 4711 and what it means to me here. Although this is a perfume it has a really fresh, clean scent. It also has a super high alcohol percentage and my family use it for something entirely different. Check out the blog post to find out what we use it for. 

Pantene Shampoo // My hairs back to falling out... in masses. I find a lot of products contain wheat, gluten, and keratins and because of this, I had to find a shampoo, any shampoo that was free from those. The only one I had to hand was Pantene and although I had the ingredients in it, my hair and scalp are feeling the difference, see any hair product that has wheat and gluten (and keratin) in it causes me to break out in weeping sores and blisters due to celiacs disease. I've since found another shampoo I prefer back I will keep another bottle of Pantene as a backup. 

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream // Meh, this was pretty 'meh' for me which was a shame. The cream is pretty fluid although I'm not sure if it was reformulated since I purchased my one. I wouldn't purchase again purely because it was so fluid and I didn't see any improvements or benefits while I was using it. 

Organic Babies Organic Rescue Balm // This is an excellent little balm from Green People, I've used this on my son's cuts and scrapes, my lips, spots, dry patches on my sons, cuticles and even my under eye area and brows. It's scented with lavender which any herbal lover will know that lavender has potent healing and antibacterial properties. I definitely want to try more of the Organic Babies, Green People range. 

Simple Invigorating Body Wash // This was another ASDA boo, they're pretty good at boo booing up my orders especially with beauty and body care products. I hated this but had to use it up as I hate waste. Every time it came to bath time I was cursing this body wash under my breathe as I do think it dries the skin out even though it's supposed to be 'gentle'. 

Nivea Men Body Wash // I asked hubster to buy some wash hoping he's buy something natural or skin friendly. Nope, he went and bought this men's one. I really try to stay away from brands such as Nivea due to their not so skin friendly ingredients. While it's not 

Own Brand Hand Sanitiser // This was something like 50p from Home Bargains. My sons liked it and I liked the large size and price but it had an off perfumed undertone, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was but it's enough to make me never purchase it again. Yuck! 

L'Oreal Age Perfect Toner // This was aimed at mature skins but you're never too young to tackle the signs of aging. Overall this was an amazing product, I have absolutely no issues with this toner and it's one of the best I've tried over the last 12 months. 

Dr. Lipp Nipple Cream // Cult Beauty stock this because it's loved worldwide for its ability to soften and smooth any skin and not just the nipples, it's used on the lips mainly so I wanted to give it a go. I actually received this in a beauty box and while it's a teeny sample, it actually took me ages to use it. I just couldn't get used to the thick consistency and waxy taste. The good thing is if you're into balms such as this or the Moa Green Balm then Dr. Lipp's version is 100% natural. I'd recommend this one but for me, I doubt I'll purchase it again. 

Carex Hand Sanitiser // I prefer the scent of this to the Cuticura but it's much more expensive, this also gets used up in a couple of days so being thrifty I tend to buy the Cuticura. 

E45 Hand Cream // An old trusty cream, it's sat downstairs in the junk drawer for a while and due to having my gel mani removed and my nails being so dry I started using it. It works as it should but the hydration doesn't last as long as I'd like. I doubt I'd buy it again because there are so many more exciting brands out there to try. 

Sjal Samples // I can't remember where I got these samples from but I do know it was with a purchase of another brand. These were the first products I'd tried from Sjal and they were amazing. Seriously amazing in all honesty, the pack included samples of... 
  • Sapphir Concentrate Facial Oil // Light facial oil that left me looking radiant, it was a nongreasy formula that left my skin feeling silky. It's made with rare essential oils and is infused with sapphires and aquamarine. 
  • Balans Deep Pore Cleanser // A non-foaming deep pore cleanser that really does clean extremely well. Infused with nano gold, silver and germanium and pearl extract that's supposed to heal, repair, detox and brighten the skin. I'd say it definitely cleans, detoxes and brightens. I'm not sure if it heals but it's an excellent product. I'd love to say I'd repurchase this but it's so expensive. Maybe as a treat, later on in the year. 
  • Kura Intuitif Creme // A repairing moisturising cream that aimed at mature skin and is infused with sapphires, nanogold, and silver to heal and repair. If you hadn't been aware that you would have just presumed it was an absolutely normal cream. It hydrated my skin - but not amazingly, it left my skin feeling soft - but for a short amount of time and it was OK. I wouldn't pay the huge price tag for it though. 
  • Serum 1 // This resembles and acts like any other serum on the market, it absorbs really well and doesn't feel greasy although it's thicker than the Sapphire Concentrate Facial Oil. It contains 50 active ingredients that are said to lift, volumise, hydrate, oxygenate, tone and boost your skin at both topical and cellular levels as if that wasn't good enough it's infused with amethyst, platinum, nanogold, blue copper, green copper and germanium which help support your skin. I'm not sure if it does all of these things due to the sample being so small - sounds pretty amazing though doesn't it. 
Sjal Kashmir Sapphir Mask //  I adore this mask but I don't adore the crazy prices. It's infused with sapphire essence and it really does clean your skin up amazingly but I doubt I'd repurchase as I don't think the results benefit the price. It was nice to test it though. 

Nivea Men Deodorant // Again this was an ASDA boo. You order a female deodorant and they send a male one, regardless of the error it was surprisingly good - it lasted about two weeks with daily use and didn't leave white marks on my clothing. 

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter // Ah I love this body butter. I personally can't eat grapefruit (although I've tried so many time) as it tastes like acid (not that I've eaten acid) and I just can't get it down, but this body butter allows me to dabble in some fresh, zingy grapefruit goodness. Its scent is true and fresh and this is an excellent morning body butter as it makes you feel all happy and fresh. 

Right Guard Roll On Deodorant // I adore this deodorant, it goes on, leaves no sticky mess and doesn't stain. It also leaves you dry and stink free (if you suffer from odour that is) all day. On a cost per use I find the roll on also lasts far longer than a spray. This one lasted me two and a half months were as a spray tends to last a week or two at best. 

What do you think? Were there any empties you've loved or hated? 

* Includes products purchased myself and PR Samples *

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