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Jo Malone | London Rain Collection

Four gorgeous perfumes are due to be launched this March as a part of the latest Jo Malone collection. The London Rain collection was inspired by the varying moods that are felt during a downpour. Each of the fragrances is said to capture these moods - I'd hate to smell what the pee'd off ones like *joke* I actually love the rain, albeit I hate the hair frizz that comes with it. 

The collection includes: 
  • White Jasmine & Mint // Fragranced with fresh mint leaves, heirloom jasmine and mate leaf (yerba).
  • Rain & Angelica // Fragranced with a rain accord, angelica and vetiver. 
  • Wisteria & Violet // Fragranced with waterlily, wisteria and patchouli. 
  • Black Cedarwood & Juniper // Fragranced with cumin, juniper and black cedarwood. 

I love the versatility of the collection and let's talk about those bottles - gorgeous. Typically Jo Malone branding of course but the colour pops from the ombre effect is superb, damn it I just want the bottles. 
Beautiful isn't it. The perfumes will be launching on March the 1st and will cost £82 each, although they're not cheap I do personally think it's worth paying more for a good quality perfume, one that will be a delight to wear each day, one that gets people saying 'oh what's that smell' and one that's created using notes that aren't going to damage your immune system (yes I'm going there...). You can check them out once launched over at House of Frasers.

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