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Katy Perry // Claire's Accessories Collaboration

When I was seventeen I worked at Claire's Accessories. I loved that job possibly because it was filled with trinkets, gems, and glittery things - the customer's were always a delight (cause they were mostly kids or grandparents buying for kids) and I was in my element arranging the hair bobble wall *sigh* in colour order - that beast literally took all day when there was new stock. It was an OCD Dream let me put it that way. 

So why did I leave? In every role, there's a job that we hate, or at least dislike deeply. With Claire's job, it was the ear piercing. I held it off for at least a year but finally, I had to get a wriggle on and find some oblivious friend or family member to get holes punched into them with my fair little hands. My cousin hopped on board and long story short I pierced her ears - then handed in my notice, there was no way I was ever going to re-do that to some little kid or toddler *shudder* 

It never put me off the brand which is why I'm so freaking excited for the collaboration between Claire's and Katy Perry. Katy's a kooky chick and she's not scared of an awesome pattern or two so I just wonder what the Prism Collection is going to look like.  Katy's Prismatic World Tour debuts in May this year and the collection is due to launch then also. 

Apparently, the collection is going to be inspired by collectibles, lyrics, seasonal and novelty pieces. Sooooo, let's get our guessing game on? 

Lyrics // Lion (Roar), Double Rainbow (Double Rainbow), Dark Horse (Dark Horse), Cupcakes (Birthday) and Clouds (Walking on Air).

Seasonal // Flowers, butterflies in summer tones (pink, green, yellow, white and lilac)

Novelty // Triangles or pyramids, all-seeing eyes, cats, Egyptian inspired objects

I definitely think it will take a kawaii approach which is great although I'm not sure how wearable it's going to be for the non-hipster thirty pluses (I know it's age but when you hit that magic number you feel it fashion-wise). I hope she brings in a more bedazzled, bejeweled and glitzy metal on metal collection similar to what she's wearing in the picture but toned down. A bit gothic and dark even - I would so buy into that. 

So what are your guesses for designs? What would you like to see included in the Prism Collection? Once it's launched you'll be able to pick it up in store at Claire's. 

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