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Links of London // My Wishlist Arrived


I entered a competition with Links of London just before Christmas, my entry was via a wish list post here on Sweet Elyse Blog and to be honest I never thought I'd win - I never win anything but the difference this time for me was that I thoroughly enjoyed participating. I had real reasons for choosing the items I had included on the wish list and figured that if I didn't win I still felt the post was read-worthy. If you missed the original post and entry you can find it here.

Well, I did it, I won *squeeeee* my prize was the pieces that I chose in my wishlist which came to the value of £991. There were a few items out of stock which was swapped for others of a similar or higher value and they informed me of everything including what they were swapping and what for - huge big thumbs up for the excellent service guys! 

Want to see the goodies?...... 

Star Charm Catcher // Feed Apple Bracelet // Effervescent Bracelet // Hot Pink Friendship Bracelet (looks red here, it's actually fuchsia) // Red Love Bracelet 

I chose a lot of friendship bracelet styled pieces because it's true to my inner bohemian. I adore pieces that are functional, show personality but still look luxurious. I'm not naturally flashy and get more from knowing my items are quality made and even a bit expensive than physically shoving it in the faces of others. Looking at my latest arm party you'd never think this was worth £570 (includes Duepunti, Links of London and Gina Stewart Cox bracelets) but it is and dare I say it, I'm feeling a bit special today because of it. Things like this just don't happen to me - ever. 

 Laughing Buddha Charm // Three Little Words Charm // Sacred Hand Charm // Mini Emerald Heart Charm 

Apologies for these pictures because the Silver is so shiny I just couldn't get a clear focus, as soon as the sun dies down (noooo) I'll get some better snaps up on Instagram or Pinterest. Pictured above is the gorgeous (and heavy) Buddha charm, emerald mini heart charm, hamsa hand charm and the three little words heart charm with dangling hearts. 

My plan was to wear these on a necklace because they each represented something to me personally. 

Buddha // Luck, memories of my dad from my childhood rubbing his beloved Buddha before going to the horses and of course my spirituality. 

Hamsa hand // Again this comes down to my spiritual side which is super extroverted in the sense of it being something I truly care deeply for. 

Three little words heart // There's 2 shorter silver dangling hearts and one gold longer dangling heart - my two sons were born 11 months apart and my youngest was born two years later, the 2 silvers represent my eldest two as they're close together and of course the gold is my youngest Rome. The three little words also for me isn't 'I Love You' the three little words that mean the most to me personally are; Cole, Cooper and Rome. 

Mini emerald heart // Emerald is my birthstone and the heart reminds me to love myself in a non big headed way. Learning to be comfortable, non-judgemental and ultimately love myself is something I struggle with. I will hopefully remind myself of this every time I see this on my necklace 

Celeste Ring // Belcher Chain // Aurora Double Link Earrings 

The star (pictured right up the top) was suppose to be a necklace spacer which the charms then hang from neatly and tidily. It didn't fit through the chain though so I've not popped that on, the necklace shows the charms all popped on and it feels so substantial on my neck and of course is unique. The earrings are the most amazing earrings I have ever seen and I plan to wear these this weekend hopefully and my ring, well what can I say? It's so gorgeous, my sons wanted to know if this was a new wedding ring and kept commenting on how sparkly it was. 

I also received another necklace which isn't pictured above, here it is. 

Dream Catcher Necklace

I'm so impressed with everything, these are my first Links of London pieces because I couldn't justify spending so much on myself especially when I knew the money could be saved or spent on the house or the kids - now that I've got these I absolutely want more. Rome even enjoyed opening these and the pillows that came inside each adorable box he recycled... 

Beds for his Lego men! genius or what. He's also repurposed the individual boxes where he stores his Lego men in one, Lego men body parts in another, Lego men clothing in another and accessories in another. He's definitely my child anyway. 

I have a few more charms and a thinner, longer chain on my wish list now and I may even add a few more bangles and bracelets to the arm party - there's no limit to how many friendship bracelets you can wear, right? 


Statement: Items won in competition - Not PR Related

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