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Links of London // Valentine's Day Competition

Links of London

Links of London are holding Valentine's Day Competition where you can win your Links of London wishlist up to the value of £1000! Incredible, I'm in. I rarely enter these types of competitions purely because I'm so swamped with other features but having decided just before Christmas that I was planning on increasing my jewellery collection purely so I sparkle and look more sophisticated, as well as being able to pass on the memories each holds to my three children when I'm an old lady *gasp* yup I'm a forward thinker to this sort of extreme. 

I knew what I would have on my wishlist for the most part but noticed some items were new, here's my wish list - what would you have on yours?... 
Aurora Double Link Earrings (£95) // I'm fussy when it comes to earrings. I don't feel comfortable wearing overly garish designs and I love classic styles and shapes such as hoops and studs. These Aurora earrings capture elegance, sophistication, and glamour but are giving a modern edge by mixing the metals. I know I could pull these off easily with both a dress and a pair of jeans and some heels. 

Star Charm Catcher (£30) // This little cute star is worn at the bottom of the necklace, the chain loops through the top and charms can be hung from this - I love to organise everything so for me this was just another option as it organises your charm so they look more presentable on the chain. 

Mini Belcher Necklace (£75) // A plain belcher, it's plain there's no reason why I chose it other than to house the uber gorgeous charms that are coming up... 

Laughing Buddha Charm (£45) // Ohm... I love Buddha. I've always loved buddha's, my dad use to rub the Buddha ornament belly every weekend before he went out and he absolutely believed it was lucky. I find I'm more and more like my dad the older I get so yup I do believe in the Buddha belly magic. I love the message behind Buddha, what he stands for and this charm would be a constant reminder of that. 

Three Little Words Charm (£45) // Nope I didn't choose this because it means 'I love you' the three little words that would refer to those three little hearts means something else too me. The fact that there are two little hearts in silver and one little gold heart also has meaning; those three little words for me are Cole, Cooper, and Rome. The first two being the silver hearts - they're nearly twins (Irish twins I think it's called as there's less than 1 year between them) and the gold for Rome who has the age gap. 

Mini Sacred Hand Charm (£35) // Again very symbolic, I'm training to become a yoga teacher and have always been spiritual. The charms I chose all have a deep spiritual meaning for me and this sacred hand is no exception. This hand represents energy (I need) and power (I need to assert on more occasions). 

Mini Emerald Heart Charm (£30) // Emerald is my birthstone, I use to hate it because I wanted something more exciting like Opal or Turquoise, now I'm older I love emerald. This heart is symbolic, it reminds me to love and keep on sharing the love - because sometimes I just want to rawr at people. 

Celeste Pave Rose Gold Ring (£170) // I mentioned around New Year that this year I wanted to go simple with my 2014 accessories and jewellery. I also mentioned I was all about mixing metals and this ticks every box - the mixed metals, the classic design and it's pave sparkle factor. Bling without it screaming in your face 'look at me.' 

Rose Gold Dream Catcher Necklace (£120) // Rose gold vermeil frame with a glitter cut wire, I knew straight away that I'd be including a product from the Dream Catcher range simply because I adore dream catchers - the shapes, the designs and the story behind the object. 

Effervescence Yellow Gold Bangle (£120) // The classic bangle with a twist, the bubbles make this look interesting and the simplicity means it will go with everything for any occasion. I love pieces that I can team with a mixture of styles and for me this was it. I first received a bangle from my dad at the tender age of three, I never took it off and if I win I don't plan to take this off. 

Friendship ID XS Love (£95) // 22mm ID bar that's engraved with the word 'love.' What I love about this is the simplicity, it's sophisticated and fun at the same time and although it's perfect for Valentine's Day it's also relevant 365 days a year isn't it. 

Feed Coral & Gold Apple Bracelet (£75) // Can you tell I have a penchant for bangles and bracelets, especially boho inspired ones hence my love for friendship bracelets. This is the FEED bracelet and with each sale Links donate 50 school meals - that's incredible. The colours are so perfect and the apple toggle for me has meaning, I'm all about charity, I'm all about feeding the mind and of course my struggles with my health over the last 6 years. This apple doesn't just represent an apple and that's why I love it. 

Turquoise & Pink Friendship Bracelet (£56) // This is on sale at the moment for only £56, it's supposed to be £140 so that's a whopping 60% *smiles* I like those types of sales. This bracelet was the first item I added, sure I could have gone for the expensive ones but that's not me. This is fun, it's from the Friendship Collection and it's classy - especially suited to us older, fun ladies. I love the colours in this, it reminds me of happiness, sunshine, summer, ice lollies and well, did I say happiness? 
The total for all of these gorgeous pieces is £991, the competition required that I kept my picks within £1000, 13 items for under £1000 is pretty amazing don't you think? I'm just so in love with the charm necklace and friendship bracelets - they're amazing and have gone on my wishlist regardless if I win or not. Whether I get them is a different story as my sons come first of course. 

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