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M.A.C // Hot Tahiti Glaze Lipstick


Honestly, this is my first MAC glaze lipstick. It's MAC Hot Tahiti and is described as being a 'soft-reddish-coral' shade. I agree and I disagree and here's why. First up here's the actual lipstick, apologies for the terrible quality of these pics I honestly thought iPhone would have had a good camera, comparing it to Samsung well, these are the types of photo's you get in Scottish light... 

The lipstick itself resembles a deep Gothic berry. Having seen so many swatch pictures of this it either comes across as being a wash of Gothic berry on some or a deep red-rose shade. A lot of reviews state this has no lasting power but again I'd have to disagree, this lasted all day long and that's with eating and drinking. 

The formula itself is soft, smooth and glossy. It feels creamy and hydrating and once it's on the lips I have no issues with it. At first it feels slightly harder but as soon as your body heat kicks in the lipstick applies smoothly in a couple of swipes. I do advise you blot it in between swipes or you will end up with it on your teeth etc, blotting definitely gives it some lasting power and stops it sliding all over your face. 

Want to see the swatch? this is where I disagree with every review I've ever read on this shade... 

While it's deep, smouldering and berry-tastic on others it's more of a nude shade with a hint of brown-rose. This is definitely a day to day shade and it's the first I go to for a hint of daytime colour. I'm glad this is more of a nude on my skin tone, while the berry is amazing (I love a good berry shade) I definitely veer more to classic nudes and this was a pleasant surprise. 

If you plan to purchase Hot Tahiti I definitely recommend checking out further reviews, factor in your hair colour and skin tone against other bloggers hair colours and skin tones so you can decide if this is going to be a berry, coral or nude shade on you. 

Want to see how everyone should swatch their lipsticks? 

In my opinion the best way to swatch a lipstick is by kissing the cheek of your freshly bathed little boy *hehe.* He actually thought it was funny and went around showing everyone in the house his 'lips'. 

This is still available over on the MAC Cosmetics website here as well as Debenhams here


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  1. This colour looks VERY similar to Twig. It really suits you. It's funny the amount of dupes I'm noticing within the MAC lipstick collection alone! Your little boy is adorable!

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com


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