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Mark Hill // Big Night Out, Only Takes a Minute

I'm a huge huge fan of the Mark Hill hair care range and became a convert when I first tried the brand's MiracOILicius hair oil (review here). I've yet to try something that doesn't leave me in awe and find that I'm always far more impressed with the results from Mark Hill than any other brand, even the more expensive brands. 

My hair is one part of my body that I would love to magically change, I understand it's not quite that easy regardless of what potions and tonics I put on it and to be honest, I'm not much of a faux girl - I just don't feel comfortable and ultimately my deflated confidence shows. I ideally want my hair to be soft, shiny, manageable and look healthy - when a product ticks those boxes then I'm over the moon, I'm guessing you are also the same. 

Mark Hill Big Night Out Only Takes a Minute! 60 Second Detox Gloss Treatment does take one minute. You use like you would do any other treatment by applying it after you shampoo in place of conditioner. You only need a little amount of the silky cream goes far and once applied you just leave it for one minute - I tend to wash my face or do my eyebrows while waiting. 

I've been using this for three weeks, my hair before using terrible - the worst it has ever been in all of my life which is why there's been a lack of 'selfies' and swatches on my face. Due to my thyroid my hair has been falling out by the handful, I've not dyed it in months due to my scalp blistering due to keratin products and gluten haircare and I didn't want to inflame it and it's lacked shine, lustre and volume. It was bad. 

I started off using it once every two days, now I try to use it two to three times a week because my hair is now looking remotely normal, not 100% amazing but at least it's normal once again. I'm currently taking hair loss supplements so I'm hoping that's going to improve but the hair that I do have looks shiny, sits really well and feels soft - the humidity issue I previously talked about has gone also *yay*. While I'll never have model hair at least I have hair, this product has improved that greatly  so I would thoroughly recommend it. 

You can pick this up at Boots (here) currently have this on offer where you buy one and get one half price. The full price is £5.99 which absolutely worth it and affordable given the results. 


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