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Max Factor // Spring Colour Elixir & Nude Pomade Collections

Caroline Barnes is collaborating with Max Factor for their latest Spring launch which is called Colour Elixir Gloss Nude Pomade Collection. This collection will be launching in a few days and I'm excited. Max Factor isn't a brand I get overly excited by but these products change everything, it may be due to the tones or it could partly be due to Caroline's influence; I'm not too sure but it does scream of her work. If you've never seen her work I urge you to check it out - it's not crazy, quite the opposite as her work recently consists of gorgeous radiant faces with pops of colour. 

The Nude Pomade Collection consists of four natural nude shades which aim to leave you looking fresh, youthful and healthy. Once again another brand is jumping on the nude bandwagon but I like it, I love that there are so many nude variations around and long may it continue. Colours include: 

Pristine Nude  // Created to give the wearer a natural healthy look when they're feeling a bit bland 

Radiant Rose  // This shade was created to make the wearer look sophisticated, expensive and feminine. With hints of champagne this gloss will suit all skin tones. 

Glowing Peach  // Personally I'm guessing this is going to be the best seller, peach toned nudes brighten up the skin tone and are pretty huge still on the catwalks. 

Lustrous Sand  // Caramel tones that will accent warm skin tones and will highlight your summer tan perfectly. 

Three of the Nude Pomade glosses are apart of the Colour Elixir Collection which is due to be launched in March. The three shades are Radiant Rose, Pristine Nude and Lustrous Sand. 

Colours include: 

Lustrous Sand // As above. 

Pristine Nude // As above. 

Radiant Rose // As above. 

Luxurious Berry // Purple-pink toned berry. 

Enchanting Coral // Coral with a pink undertone. 

Captivating Ruby // A gorgeous true red. 

Once launched these will be available at Boots. Which do you prefer the nudes or the colours? 

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