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Miners | Moisture Effect Lipstick

I blogged yesterday about Miners Cosmetics Valentine's polishes which seemed to be a big hit with you guys. There was a few comments about not having tried the brand in a few years and you know, I was the same. Last year I figured I'd re-try the brand because we didn't have a huge income at that point. The Miners I always knew as a teen was one that made lower cost cosmetics that were mid-range, not as good as Bourjois but better than other brands (I was a Bourjois addict as a teen!)

Coming back to the brand I did presume it was going to pretty much give the same results. I was wrong. Oh. So. Wrong. Take for example this Moisture Effect lipstick in Kiss Me Quick, it's a red shade with coral undertones and is also apart of their Valentine's Collection line up. 

At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an Illamasqua formula. Close your eyes, when you open them focus only on the lipstick bullet - so bold, isn't it? Creamy looking and lush. Now for the swatch, take into consideration this was a super light swatch. I tend to do a light swatch and then re-apply so that I get even coverage for showing you sweeties, this was ONLY one light swatch - I never went back and recovered it with another swatch... 

It's SO creamy and SO pigmented I was left with my mouth gaping opening, running about trying to find the hairy boy to ask him what brand he felt it was. The answer he gave was 'Elyse, how the hell would I know - is it an expensive one?' 

This lipstick is more pigmented than both Illamasqua and MAC in my opinion. It's softer also and has the grip of a matte lipstick but with a moisturising sheen that leaves your pout hydrated. It's as though they've listened to their customers, found out exactly what we want and then actually made it - what brand actually does that these days? 

There are three shades of Moisture Effect lipstick, the one I have is Kiss Me Quick and the other shade pictured above is a gorgeous pink called English Rose and there's another not pictured which is a muted version of the English Rose called Hush Hush. 

They cost....... £3.99! Seriously shocking considering how amazing this is, you could buy all three for the same price as a MAC lippy. If you fancy picking one, two or all three up you can do so over on Miners Cosmetics. You won't regret it. I'm off to purchase Hush Hush right now. 


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