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Miners | Valentine's Nail Polish

I love finding a product that's affordable but performs better than some premium brands, this Miner's nail polish is one of those products. Comparing this to both China Glaze and Ciate this formula was 100 times better but only a fraction of the cost. There are ten Valentine's Day typical polish shades in the collection that are bound to suit all colour tastes, the shade I have pictured above is the second lightest shade. 

The formula for this was of medium consistency, it has staying power which allows you to apply without fear of streaks or patches. One coat will leave you with the perfect base for a French manicure or a sheer daytime or work suitable polish. Two coats leave you with a fully opaque, pearlescent polish that's very pretty. Take a look. 

The pearl shimmer has a lilac tinge to it and it's quite sheer, only visible in daylight or when you move your hand in a certain way - otherwise this resembles a very pretty ballerina pink. I talk about my dislike for metallics, pearls and overly shimmery polishes quite a lot but in this case, it's so subdued that I like it. I'm also a huge fan of this polishes lasting power and the overall formula. 

Here are some of the other shades that are available...

Red Blooded Woman / Dorothy's Shoes / Plum / Paris / Jezebel
Rio Pink / Paint The Town Red / Raspberry Beret / 1000 Kisses / Marshmallow

You can purchase this directly from the Miners Cosmetics for only £2.99, there's ten romantic shades to choose from I know I want more of these in my collection, especially Red Blooded Woman - What a sexy shade that is. 

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  1. this is such a lovely colour, I haven't used miners for years!

    1. Oh you should definitely give them a go, they're formula's are incredible. Wait until you see the swatch from a Miners lipstick that's coming up tonight - It literally shocked me. It's better than Illamasqua AND Mac! that's no easy feat *hahah* x

  2. What pretty shades perfect for valentines love the different shades of pink <3

    Damaris £100 Lingerie Giveaway! X

    1. What shade would you go for Jenny? Are you more of a fuchsia pink or a ballerina pink? x


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