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Monsoon // SS14 Dress Collection

I post mostly beauty news don't I? Here's a treat for you, Monsoon's SS14 Dresses Collection and it's absolutely incredible. I find I post about style and clothing collections when they have especially drawn me in and this collection is very much 'me.' I adore Monsoon as a brand because it does have that boho edge, I find the attention to detail in their pieces is second to none and for me that absolutely warrants their price tags. 

Monsoon have evened up their price ranges over the last few years, I've definitely noticed that. It used to be a shop I only went into for a special occasion or to treat myself simply due to the price but now I'm always popping in (when I go to a shopping centre) but mostly I visit online - I draw so much inspiration, it's my meditative window shopping. 

To make it easier I've grouped my favourites, there were so many gorgeous garments that I had to choose a few to feature as this would have been a mini novel, heres a peek at them... 

Bohemian Spirit

Jimbaren (£49) // Ah I love it. Boho is back with a BANG! Jimbaren is an chic day dress that should be worn with an arm of bangles and sandals for sure. Don't try to dress this up or I'll send round the boys! *muahaha*

Wulan (£45) // For a day dress I have nothing bad to say about it, suited to all body shaped - if you despise your bingo wings simply cover up with a crochet cardigan (oversized will look amazing, sleeves rolled up) and team with multi-length necklaces or bangles. I will allow you to dress this up if you want to. 

Navarros (£79) // I am going to own this! well depending on it's length on my frame, all going well I will own this *cue maniacal laugh* It's chic, embroidered, tassels and suited for both day and night time. It's boho but in the prettiest way. 

Keiki (£39) // ...... speechless. The print is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of hippies, patchouli and festivals. Again it's suited to all body shapes, choose a kaftan as a cover up if you dislike your arms, wear it, be free and spread the peace and love man. 

Pretty Day Dresses

Tiffany (£59) // I love this dress but it does have a Stepford Wives feel to it but absolutely in a  positive way. After all those ladies/robots were very put together. This is suitable for both a day dress and celebration dress and would make an excellent dress to wear to weddings, baby showers and birthday celebrations. 

Sophia (£69) // Another day dress with a boho-feminine look and in a coral, red shade. This screams summer to me. 

Amba (£99) // I'm not sold on this possibly because my eyes aren't drawn to it over the other dresses, if you love simplicity, clean lines, comfortable fittings and something that can be dressed up and down then, this is for you. 

Rosalie (£59) // It's so simple but so clean and pretty. This is suited to all shapes although I'd probably recommend hourglass figures stay away as this would look awful with a belt. 

Ladylike Glamour

Mahi (£179) // I added this because I can appreciate the masses of beading this has. Seeing it up close makes you realise just how many wo/man hours this had to finish it. It also has a vintage, flapper appeal and is a evening dress for sure. 

Rupa (£109) // Another Stepford Wives esque dress with a vintage edge, I would try this on, if you have curvy hips, small boobies or long legs this is going to look amazing on you. 

Reena (£199) // Glamorous, bohemian and I would wear this. I would wear this to a wedding, damn I would wear this to renew hubster and I's vows. 

Layla (£119) // I like this but not enough to want it. It feels vampy but slightly ageing, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Layla. 

Reva (£149) // Another possible vow renewal dress *winks* which do you prefer, this or Reena? 

Maxi Day & Night Dresses

Oleta (£59) // A day dress for sure, Oleta has a boho appeal to it. I really like it but know for sure it's never going to fit me. You know dresses like Oleta never go out, each spring and summer boho comes back and out comes the maxi, flowing and ombre type dresses - this is really a low cost investment. 

Blake (£169) // This isn't the type of evening dress I'd chose to wear however, it has excellent structure and colour and would look crazy amazing on a large boobied lady and plus sizes - this is going to give you an amazing shape, accentuate your lady lumps and has just enough details to distract eyes from your tummy area. 

Bloom (£199) // Full colourful blooms, who would have thought it would look so good. I love this but it's not the type of dress I could personally pull off. 

Salma (£179) // It's like a dress made for a goddess, that blue-grey is chic and I adore it. The bedazzling around the neckline is just enough to make this go from OK to Incredible. I would say this would suit slim frames, small busts and wide shoulders. This is going to make you look curvy if you have a straight up and down figure too. 

Marianne (£109) // I love this. Love it, love it, love it. If I could wear this I would but alas, I can't. Delicate neutral blooms, full length and the cut especially around the neckline is ugh, so perfect. 

Kitty (£129) // I'm not feeling this as it reminds me of another 90's dress I once had, however I can appreciate it. Just not on me. 

Nudes & Vintage Appeal 

Eloise (£69) // Another vintage day dress although this can absolutely be worn at night with the right accessories. This is an excellent dress for all shapes and sizes and it accentuates rather than points out the bits we don't like. 

Effie (£169) // This is a perfect dress for those with wide shoulder or a small bust, ladies if you have large boobies don't even think about it. Dainty, pretty and very-very feminine this is an occasion dress and you will have to carefully think out your accessories. Anything too dark may look harsh with this. Think light, fluttery and fairy like. 

Briana (£139) // Part of my loves this and part of me doesn't, I'm so conflicted. The top part is amazing, the shapes, the balance of black, sheer and pink ration makes this look modern, powerful and different, I think the issue is the sheer panel and the scalloping after the waistband. That pattern was done in the 90's, I remember it so well because I had dresses and skirts like this with nude, pink and red underneath - maybe that's what's conflicting me, the 90's weren't good peoples. 

Josephine (£99.50) // This definitely has a haunted, vintage and flapper-esque appeal to it. This would suit the woman who wants love to look glam but only wants to be perceived as 'oh I just threw this yet I look effortlessly chic without trying' type of mentality. The beading on this like many of the others is divine. 

They're not all available yet so keep checking the Monsoon website here for new stock. Some are on there however and there's lots of items selling fast or selling out in certain sizes. If you see something you love, I'd recommend picking it up asap. I know I have my sights firmly on Navarros, Wulan and Keiki... boho all the way, baby. 

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  1. I needed a good support as my new dress was thin, I ordered a bodysuit made for low-cut/backless dresses and it is great. It runs long for me; I'm 5'5 even with 3 or so inch heels, it was still long.
    Pnina Tornai Used


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