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Nailed It | Creamy Latte Polish Shades


I blogged yesterday about my mini polish haul which included the two purple-toned China Glaze polishes as well as another three polishes - these two were my 'nude-latte' type shades which is what I typically revert to alongside creamy red tones. 

While I'm classing these as nude-latte shades they are quite different from what I already had in my collection, take for example the China Glaze polish; it's yellow toned and I normally stay away from yellow tones, the Models Own has a shimmer to it and you know as well as I do that I just don't do shimmers, metallic and pearl polishes. Here are the swatches for you below... 

On the left is Models Own Naked Shimmer which is from 2012, Freshen Up Collection. The Freshen Up Collection consisted of five pastel-hued shades and Naked Shimmer, here's the rest of the collection below. As you can see the naked shimmer and Edamame (green) are the stand-outs in my opinion.  

The formula of this polish is amazing, it's not too thin and not too gloopy and is fully opaque in two coats. What you can't really see in this picture is that the polish has teeny specs of gold shimmer which is really pretty. Especially in daylight. 

On the right is China Glaze Kalahari Kiss which is from 2012, On The Safari Collection. The formula is quite thin so this did take three coats to be fully opaque but once it was on it was tremendous - in the bottle, it looks quite non-specific, quite dowdy and dull but, on the nail it shines.  It's so sophisticated I adore it. I know it looks quite mustard-ish in the swatch but if you team it with your skin tone it takes on a more nude look - I promise. 

Here was the On The Safari Collection promo shot, you can see it's more 'nude' in this compared to some of the other shades. It's second from the right on the bottom row.  

I would thoroughly recommend both of these polishes, they perform and look far superior on the nails and both were really a case of don't judge a book polish by its cover - I purchased mine for £4 and £4.95 from Nailpolish Direct (my go-to polish site). 


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