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Nails Inc // Pop Art Collection

I love Nails Inc, chances are you've guessed this from the sheer multitude of posts that get published on this blog (nope I've never received freebies from the brand either). Nails Inc are normally ahead of the pack, they constantly launch the latest shades, top coats and collections and the Pop Art collection are ahead but it's not at the same time. 

Maybe it's the comparison between the Revlon Nail Art collection, you know the ones that look like sticks with polish on either end - a polish on one and a top coat or contrasting shade on the opposite end. Having tried the Revlon version I was put off by the concept however I will most probably still try these out. 

There are three double-ended polishes in the collection so far, here they are:  

Angel and Upper Street

Pastel pink with pale blue, white and rose gold Pop Art top coat. This almost looks coral on, however. Loving the contrast between the pink coat and blue funfetti top coat. 

Sheraton Street and Cavendish Place

Dusky blue polish with grey, black and blue Pop Art top coat. 

Sloane Street and Knightsbridge Place

Bright pink polish with bright pink, pale pink, red and pale blue Pop Art top coat. This reminds of Cath Kidston, the pink and blue, the opposite colours and the overall funky clashing look. I love it. I adore when pink and red are put together in all honesty, it sucks me right in. 

Each of these cost £14 and can be purchased right now over on the Nails Inc website here. Which one stands out to you? Do you think this is a step in the right direction or a step backwards? 


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