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Nars // Orgasm Collection 2014


Relaunching and fab-uh-lous dahlings. Due out this Spring Nars are releasing some amazing products as part of their Orgasm Collection. I get some are going to be horrified by this collections name and I absolutely get why that would be, Nars are brave calling their collection 'orgasm' as some will ultimately link this to sex rather than excitement or incredible. 

If you are horrified by the name here me out. Forget about the collections name and oogle the products - they're awesome. Think of a time when you may have had some excitement (let's be PC here), your cheeks are flushed, your lips are full and rosy and you may be a little bit sweaty which in some light will make you look shimmery (unless you're a sweaty mess then you're just going to look drenched and red) - this collection aims to give you those natural perks, flushed, rosy and illuminated skin. 

Here's what's included in the lineup: 

Multiple Stick // Available in one shade, Orgasm. Multi-purpose stick that can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks and body to provide a sheer hint of colour with shimmery accents. 

Lip Gloss // Available in two shades, Orgasm and Super Orgasm. 

Nail Polish // Also one shade which is as you guessed, Orgasm. 

Illuminator // Available in both Orgasm and Super Orgasm. 

Blush // Available in two shades, Orgasm and Super Orgasm. 

So what are your thoughts? on the products and the name? Once launched you will of course be able to pick these up over on the Nars website. 


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  1. I'm loving the nail polish! It looks like the perfect shade of pinky coral.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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