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Next // Yoga Style & Update

I've never really done an update on where I'm at outside of blogging, I figured that it just wasn't that interesting but here I am doing 'said' update. I covered my story of fibromyalgia a while back (here) and never covered it again, I'm not someone who likes to wallow in sorrow and I always look for a way out, a way to improve my situation and ultimately heal so I can live a happy, healthy and positive life. 

At my worst point, I walked with sticks, I couldn't leave the house and I was on 22 tablets a day, I was then put on an injection that's normally given to cancer patients. The injection blocks hormones and stops tumours from growing (and endometriosis), this injection helped my situation so much because blocking oestrogen (the pain hormone) reduced my daily pain considerably - the side effect was osteoporosis. I use to partake in regular yoga but my flexibility and strength went out the window when I was 'ill' but a while back I decided to start adding yoga into my routine because last time I did see considerable improvements in my health. 

So, long story short I sucked at yoga when re-started but with regular use my flexibility got better, my fatigue improved - it still varied every day but it was a lot better than before; my mental clarity improved and of course my cellulite was reduced which was a happy benefit - my body was starting to tone up and I felt awesome. At the start of this year, I decided to take a scary leap into the unknown - I decided to undertake a course in teaching Hatha yoga not knowing if I would be able to meet the challenge, I still don't know just how well I'll do but at least I'm trying. My aim is to teach yoga but I want to get more people with fatigue or pain disorders moving their body gently. Yoga isn't about being the most flexible or the most toned, it's about having a body that can move effectively with little strain or injury, clarity and peacefulness of the mind and having inner and outer strength. For those with fibromyalgia, yoga is the perfect form of exercise for anyone of any age.  

My progression varies each day but I stick at it, my core has strengthened and I've never felt as positive as I do at this point in my life, 2014 already has dealt my family some pretty major blows but instead of letting depression eat me up I've tackled it and learnt from it. Now I get this may sound like some hippy-dippy stuff but I promise you it's the truth. I use to be awake all night, sometimes days due to insomnia from the sheer level of pain, my mind constantly felt like it was running round in circles, ideas, thoughts, pain! but now it's quiet. I can sort out the jumbled thoughts from the real thoughts and I've actioned some of them. Although 2014 has been poop I do feel that the rest of the year will be awesome - I want others to feel the same. 

With every form of exercise there are rules, don't try to tackle moves that are too many steps ahead. Take it slowly, keep at it even when it seems to tough and make sure you're wearing the right items. I've listed some of my favourite Next sportswear that is suitable for yoga but you don't have to initially go out and buy a ton of stuff. To start yoga all you need is a book, Google some positions and to wear something comfortable such as leggings, a loose top, a vest or some joggers. I bet that once you get into it, you'll be hooked and like myself, you'll want to look pretty - don't we all *haha* I'm not one for flashing my midriff so I would absolutely wear a crop top but I'd wear a loose vest on the top. I also just purchased myself a new Gaiam yoga mat as my last was wearing thin and I also purchased some socks that look like gloves but they have grips on the bottom - I'll be posting about those soon as they're awesome. 

All of the gorgeous pieces above are from Next. I rarely go into sports shops for myself as I like to get use of items for more than one use. The Next items can be used for sports, yoga and lounging in. They can be worn as separates and you're sure to get the best price vs wear from these due to them being affordable. You can check them out here or by clicking the links above. 

Are you into a specific form of fitness? If so which one's your poison. 


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