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Organisation | A Look into My Beauty Organisation

My first ever post where I invite you into my home, gosh it's scary. I live with my husband and sons and our house is overcrowded, we lack room and space and of course I share my bedroom with my husband. Because of this, I do not have an amazingly huge room with a large walk-in wardrobe and fairy lights strung on my bed - I would love to have those, but I don't. 

We're currently trying to do our home up bit-by-bit but for anyone's, that's a parent you'll understand when I say our room comes last. It's only been decorated once in the past six years. I am desperate to neutralise it, to get decent furniture including an amazing wardrobe set that has compartments for everything - I also want a dressing table but I want them in white and/or mirrored and white. 

As I progress with the bedroom rehaul I will post more but I figured I would cover my beauty organisation at this moment in time. It's not where I want it to be and it's not organised enough for my liking but it's all I can do to stop me living in a beauty product hell. So, here goes... 

The shelf image above is one of two. This one houses items I'm currently using, perfumes, creams, cleansing brushes, tonics, balms and spot treatments. I also have a Yankee Candle votive holder at the side which holds my makeup brushes, the ones I use over the rest (because I have a ton of them). This shelf changes all of the time as more often than not these get used up pretty quickly and then replaced with another item I've stockpiled or not used. 

I am a girly girl at heart. My furniture at present is a light wood, white and then there are these pink drawers *sniggers* I also bought lots of random drawer pulls from vintage ceramic, children's kooky ones and glitzy diamond-esque ones. What I didn't realise is that these were 'children's drawers' I figured they just put that because they're pink but nope, children's drawers mean they're smaller - a lot smaller; and shallower. You can barely fit your undies in a drawer they're just too shallow. I didn't want to just get rid of it so I decided to use it to store some of my goodies. 

On the top of these drawers I have my miniature shabby chic shelving unit just like the one shown at the top of this post, yes I purchased have two of these because they're so functional and cute. This one holds products that I love but might not use every single day and those cute shabby glass jars on the bottom shelf, I actually just purchased from B & M's for £1.49 each - I plan to buy another cream one which will go on the bottom too. All three currently hold lipsticks and glosses, they just look like beauty candy don't they. The vase at the side is a shabby chic style (Kidston like) flower vase but I filled the bottom with dried lavender and it holds my brushes, tweezers, scissors and other bits and bobs and keeps my room smelling lush. 

I have some perfumes, face creams, herbal tablets and hair products stocked on here and yes that is two boxes of crayons. More on that at a later date. 

Back to the drawer. At the top there's two smaller drawers and then larger drawers underneath, the left-hand drawer I have skincare products. These are all products I've used and the striped bags hold some samples; one for haircare, one for cosmetics and one for face and body product samples. There's everything in her from anti-ageing body serums to facial tonics to make up sponges. It's orderly chaos *smiles* 

In the smaller right-hand side drawer there are nail products. Varnishes, brush-on treatments, Sharpies, embellishments, nail polish removing pads, glitters, stickers, nail files and scissors. I just cleared out this drawer as it was overflowing, this is what I've been left with. It's tiny in comparison to what it was before the clear out. 

In the first large drawer, there are nail swatch rounds (some of them), curling wand, hair bobbles, other cosmetics that I don't use too much, perfumes that I don't use too much, old video camera's, cables and old purses. Stuff I may not use regularly but is too good to get rid off. 

Argh, this drawer stresses me out, this is my costume jewellery drawer - again this was just sorted but needs to be sorted further as I wouldn't actually wear a ton of this stuff anymore. What you can't see here is that it's actually organised, underneath the stuff you can see is a clearly organised drawer, long necklaces at the front lying flat, bangles in the box at the top left, necklaces in a box at the top right, glasses, mirrors and brooches in the box on the top right, earrings in the white box and then there's the belts, hair products and accessories that just got flung in by hubster because he didn't understand my organisational methods - not happy. I think a trip to IKEA's on the cards. 

I have a wardrobe with four shelves at the end of it (3 door wardrobe). Hubster has the top section which he puts his beauty goods (aftershave, post-shave balm, nose trimmer that's never been used *muahahaha*) and I own the other three (quite rightly so). My first shelf consists of crafting goodies and stationery. This is my second shelf which consists of my stock shelf, items that I have used and will use but aren't in my current rotation - I like to keep out the products that I plan to use for the next two weeks, for example, that way I'm organised and can get ready quickly. I do rotate things every few weeks, it's exciting choosing what's getting used and I also tend to forget about some of the products I have so it's exciting when I realise I have something. 

This looks chaotic but it's not for me, I have the wicker basket that's filled with larger items such as creams, gift sets (that I don't want to break up) and items that need the support so they don't leak in the wardrobe, serums and oils for example. 

The bottom shelf just houses empty boxes (that I don't want to throw out) as well as my little tubs of bits and bobs, files which include old plans, business plans and inspirational images and mood boards. The makeup bag has some jewellery and gemstone pieces that I've made over the years. 

I use to have my current rotational make up lying in front of my full length mirror, it was handy sure but it just didn't look attractive. I noticed this storage box on the H&M website and instantly ordered it not knowing how big or how attractive it would actually be in person, luckily it's exactly as I was hoping and fits my day make up in, this now sits in front of the mirror. Currently, it holds MAC Hot Tahiti, Inglot, Mehron brown eyeliner, Artdeco brow pen, PUR Minerals Eyeshadow Trio, Benefit's They're Real, Eco Tools brushes, Sjal Facial Oil and Benefit Speed Brow. Neutral products that make me feel natural but good to go. 

Expect this to all change as I turn my chaotic house into an organisational dream house. I'll keep you posted! if you have any organisational tips, tricks or product recommendations or links please, please, please forward them too me. You never know I may just use them and feature you on my blog too *smiles* 


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