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Oriflame | Power Shine Lip Crayons

Oriflame keeps getting better and better. I tend to do my swatching and photo's once or twice a week so I spent the day swatching and just before I slicked on the Oriflame Power Shine Lip Crayon I had just swatched the Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette review. which is super shimmery and gorgeous on the skin, wiping it off for my next shot I found the shimmer still stayed so I had to use the other arm - not a problem, I figured I'd just swatch it on and decide if I liked the formula, shade and product. 

Swatching it on I did the happy dance, I was so surprised to find this not only went on so smooth but it has an equal amount of teeny-tiny shimmery particles in it similar to the Bobbi Brown Eye Palette formula. It's hard to get it to really translate in a photo but in person, this is incredibly beautiful. The Power Shine Lip Crayon goes on like a lip balm but leaves you with a super glossy sheer coat of colour that actually makes your lips look awesome. There's no gloopy or stickiness to the crayon and it contains Metashine pearls which are why it's shimmer's and is so soft on the lips. 

Had this been a blind test I would have sworn it was Clinique. It was absolutely created with a formula that is premium and since my swatching, I've been using it day-in-day-out.  

There are five colours to choose from, I have the Pink Delight option which is a coral pink on the lips. Also available is Glazed Strawberry (red), Dazzling Pink (bright pink), Rosewood Sheen (pink-brown) and Golden Gloss (nude). 

These currently cost £6.95 until March the 1st and then they will revert to their normal retail price of £9.95. You can pick these up from Oriflame. Be quick. Which colour would you opt for? 


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