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Paul & Joe // Spring Base Products

Paul & Joe have released the info on their spring collection. The collection itself has no name but it does consist of fantastic base products such as foundation, protection and body oils all are staples for a healthy spring-summer body. The products are staggered with releases both in March and April but I'll be sure to add them to the Offer Calendar as soon as I get official dates for you. 

The UV Body Protection is apparently only available in Japan but you know how things change, well I hope they do because I would absolutely purchase this. Protection is very important and it's something I've come to realise only since I've gotten older, I swear the older I get the more worried I become about health and making changes to ensure nothing bad ever creeps up like skin cancer. 

The Smoothing Body Oil is due for release in April. The oil is fragranced with Orange Flower, Mandarin, Citrus and Bergamot to leave you feeling refreshed, vibrant and happy, while the added herbal blend of Eucalyptus and Pepper will leave your body feeling cool, calm and collected especially on hot and sticky days. 

The Silky Smooth Foundation is a new addition to the brand and will be available in seven shades which include Alabaster, Cameo, Nude, Clear, Fresh, Toffee and Biscuit. The foundation offers the wearer protection in the form if SPF 25 as well as full coverage with a light and airy feel. The foundation also absorbs excess oil and creates a soft matte look with an even tone. Sounds amazing doesn't it. 

What do you think sweeties, do you buy new products especially suited to the sunny weather? Are you big on protection or have you tried any Paul & Joe coverage products before? As soon as they're launched you'll be able to pick them up on the Selfridges website here

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