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Perricone MD // No Foundation Foundation


I hadn't heard of the No Foundation Foundation by Perricone MD before. The brand itself I've yet to try (other than this of course) but this is another foray into a new brand for me. Perricone MD is a premium skincare brand that's headed by Dr Perricone. Dr Perricone believes that ageing is simply a disease and it can be ailed, while I agree to some level I'm all for trying to prove his theory. 

I decided to purchase a few samples from Latest in Beauty in their luxury samples section. I never really knew what to expect but chose it because it was a brand that was on my must-try list. This is a 7.5ml sample which is actually really teeny-tiny - the full size comes in a gorgeous brown apothecary styled bottle, this sample alone is apparently worth £11.75 which in my opinion is pretty crazy. I paid £4 for it (which is still kinda expensive). 

When you screw off the cap you then pull back the silver foil protective seal, well I did and this big huge blob came flying out - pressure I think caused it but luckily it never got anywhere else. 
So this is the No Foundation Foundation. It looks like foundation but it isn't, this has been part blended on the right-hand side, on the left-hand side of the blob it's naked skin. 

The product aims to keep the skin looking soft, dewy, youthful and flawless. It offers the same benefits of a foundation without the heavy feeling and the matte, drying finish which emphasises fine lines, dry patches and large pores. This formula provides translucent cover but adjusts itself so that your skin's undertones are taken into account. The formula also has the added protection of a non-chemical SPF 30 and has Vitamin C, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid and antioxidants included which is pretty amazing. I love when a brand surpasses what's expected of them. 

Oops maybe a bit too much but this is the little 'blob' which surprisingly goes a long way. I've talked about my ghostly white skin so many times, I struggle to find a brand that doesn't look orange on me or doesn't leave me feeling heavy and uncomfortable. As soon as I realised this was a foundation I thought 'oh gawd this is going to be a no-go' 

Here are the results. 

Blended (could do with some further blending but you get the idea). It's incredible, isn't it? If you look at the blob picture above on the top left you will clearly see the dimpling on my hand from my hair follicles and also the blue tinge from my veins. 

Looking at this you can clearly see the dewy effect, you can see it looks even, radiant and just so much more improved - youthful even. Had I blended this further you wouldn't have even known I had anything on and it feels so light and air like. While this is expensive I would absolutely now consider paying the full price for a bottle which is £47. This little tester is going to do a few uses so imagine what a full 30ml bottle will accomplish. 

You can pick up the full sized bottle on the Perricone MD website and the tester from Latest in Beauty. They apparently also do a No Concealer Concealer. 


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