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Real Techniques // Expert Face Brush

Last year I didn't get the whole hype with brushes, especially when I could go buy a new lipstick or nail polish for the same price (I use to be like that with belts too, especially when they cost more than some pieces of clothing) but now, having actually used a decent brush I realise how very important brushes are and also how they improve the overall look of our makeup. I actually did feel so foolish for doubting the importance of brushes and have since learnt the error of my ways - hopefully you will too if you believe that cheap brushes are good enough. 

I suppose you can akin it to a painter or professional, you wouldn't send a painter or artist to work with snapped Crayons to go and create a masterpiece - the same goes with your makeup application, you're tools are key to getting the end result that you dream off. Poor tools - poor results. 

I previously reviewed Eco Tools which I love, I still love and can't fault. This time it's the Real Technique Expert Face Brush that's on trial. The brush is sturdy and well made, you can be sure it's not going to come apart in your hands or that you're not going to spend twenty minutes picking loose bristles of your face (cheap brushes are notorious for that - grrr).  It's wider at the bottom so it can stand which is important especially if you have a product on the end and don't want to get it on your carpet, dresser etc. 

The bristles are lovely and soft but because there's a lot of them packed in the brush has a strength which is superb when it comes to blending quickly and evenly. I love using this brush with my Guerlain Meteorites and blushers and tend to use my Eco Tools face brush for applying foundation. The brush covers ample space which results in an even coat of colour quickly - swirl it around the apples of your cheeks and you're never going to see streaks. I promise. 

While I use mine for powders you can use this for applying your foundation, it's an excellent brush for buffing your foundation so that you are left with an even, natural and professional finish. I would never apply my foundation without a brush now that I've seen how much better it looks and let's be honest here, it's a more hygienic method also isn't it. 

I also love that they're not used animal hair for the bristles, this is entirely cruelty-free and so it should be. We don't need to be cruel just to apply face powders and blush do we? You can pick up your own one from a multitude of places but Boots seems to be the cheapest. They also have a 3 for 2 offer on with selected cosmetics, haircare and skincare so you may end up getting it free especially if you're planning to purchase from Boots or get your Mother's Day gift from there. 


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