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Steamcream // New Springtime Designs


STEAMCREAM have just launched twelve new tins in a variety of patterns, quite a few of them are most definitely fitting for both Mother's Day and Spring. Who else is feeling the passion for Spring because I certainly am? Nudes, pastels, fuchsia and green tones - I'm loving it all and as a packaging lover, these limited edition tins are absolutely my bag (or my tin). I have one of twelve to show you today. 

I have the Precious design which features gorgeous feminine blooms in a range of sizes and in fuchsia, burnt orange, mauve and light pink - they're so pretty but then I do love flowers and I do love clashing tones. Other Springtime designs are: 

Pink Diamond // A modern full Crocus flower print - This is the latest design along with Precious. 
Kukka // Multi-toned sixties type blooms. 
Sweet Memories // A cherry blossom print with a mauve background.
Affection // Red and white realistic flower print.
Thalia // Red and white varied flowers. 
Anika // Sage and green toned version of Thalia. 
Queen Bee // Modern gold and purple flower shaped print. 
Yoshino // Large cherry blossoms. 
Koku // Classic oriental print in black, gold outlining and red flowers. 
Shu // Red and gold version of Koku
Arles // Sunflowers in a classic painting style. 
Chrysantheme // Purple chrysanthemums. 

I love that they cover every art style, not just a modern take on a bloom or just sticking to one colour palette. 

The cream itself is one of my favourites, the formula is a perfect consistency, the type of consistency you'd expect from a cream - neither too thick or too thin. I do find it frustrating when brands say they've made a 'cream' when it's actually a lotion or a butter. The scent first of smells like true lavender, if you've ever grown up with lavender bushes in your garden you'll know exactly what I mean. Real, living lavender bushes in comparison to dried lavender are so much different, they have a fresh, herbal and perfume quality that the dried lavender just doesn't have. 

The cream restores hydration and it's filled with jojoba oil, cocoa butter and almond oil, these natural ingredient left me feeling moisturised without leaving me covered in a greasy residue or having to reapply within thirty minutes. I find this works in a similar manner to a body butter in terms of hydration but it's a cream and no cream I know works as well as that. 

After the cream has been used I can store my bobby pins in here, change, bath salts, perfume vials or what other bits and bobs I tend to store in tubs and tins. I tend to buy my mum hand creams as she's getting on now and her skin is oh so dry so for mother's day I will be purchasing a tin, I think she's more of a Thalia - classic but sophisticated at the same time. 

Each of the tins cost £12.95, if you find a tin you love I recommend you snap it up because the tin's designs change all of the time, these truly are limited edition in that sense. You can pick up your own from the STEAMCREAM website here

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  1. huge fan and love using the tins for bits and bobs. x

    1. The creams amazing isn't it? What do you pop in yours? my sons trying to claim mine when it's done for his Lego men :) x


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