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The Raw Chocolate Company | Raw Chocolate Mulberries

We hear so many stories about how chocolate's good for you, next it's not, then it cures migraines, then it causes them but it's never clearly explained is it? Chocolate typically is made from cocoa butter, cocoa powder and a sweetener (on occasion).  When it's made with these fine ingredients it's actually good for you in moderation but big brands add a heap of sugars, a heap of creams, preservatives and flavourings - at that point it resembles less and less like real chocolate and more like processed plastic, tasty plastic granted but it holds no nutritional benefit. 

Due to having celiacs I've had to watch what I eat and that includes the sweet stuff I munch. I adore good quality chocolate and have made my own raw chocolate in the past which was delicious but it just doesn't give you that naughty feel unless it packaged in some cool wrapping does it? 

I recently found out about The Raw Chocolate Company just before Christmas and yes *bows head ashamedly* have had this post on ice since then (oops). My first foray into their wonderful wonderful product catalogue was the Organic Raw Chocolate Mulberries which are pictured below...  

These babies are incredible. At first I thought they'd be like any other chocolate covered dried fruit but oh no - these - are - so - much - more. They at first feel like chunky of chocolate, the cocoa's neither too sweet or bitter, that quickly dissolves and you're left with the smoothest, silkiest chocolate covered mulberry that feels cool on the tongue. At this point you'd be forgiven for thinking there was no dried fruit in this product. 

As you bite down they taste slightly crunchy, chewy and the mixture between the cocoa and the sweetness, almost caramel-like flavour from the mulberries hits your palette - you won't taste anything like this on the high street or in any local chocolate store. 

I also love the packaging, you know me all too well now. If you're not aware of my packaging penchant you will notice it soon enough. I've not decided what to reuse the container for but I'll find a use sooner or later. 

Overall my opinion of these and the brand is a huge YUM! These are Fairtrade and Gluten-Free and you can check these out and the rest of their delicious wares on their website here. 


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