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Too Faced // Beauty Editor Darlings Kit


I planned to blog about this just after New Year but life got in the way and things got a big backlogged here on Sweet Elyse Blog. However, this is now available to purchase and let me tell you it's so worth the money. Released just last month the Beauty Editor Darlings Kit features five miniature products that will either top up your makeup bag nicely or give the option of trying five products without spending an absolute fortune. 

The kit contains: 

LashGASM //  Adds volume and length to your lashes while fortifying them with vitamins. 

Glamour Gloss // Add fullness to the lips with this gloss. 

Shadow Insurance // This is becoming an iconic Too Faced product, it evens out skin tone and lines creating a perfect base for your eyeshadows and eyeliners. 

Primed & Poreless // Minimise pores and imperfections with this primer, it also makes a great base for the eyes and lips (under your coloured lipstick). 

Lip Primer Lip Insurance // Enriched with vitamin E this ensures your lip colour stays put, remains vibrant and doesn't bleed. 

You can purchase this now at Debenhams (here) and it's only £16, I was just as surprised as you probably are because in my opinion, I think it's worth around £25. I plan to order one in the morning that's for sure. Race you...    


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