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Urban Decay // Spring Eyeshadow Duo's

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duo's are due to be released shortly so let me tease you with this quick post. We all like a good, wearable day to night time shadow so these are going to be sell-outs I guarantee it. 

There's two duo's only in this little-limited edition release and those are...

Sin & Mushroom // Sin is a champagne shimmer & Mushroom is a shimmery grey with warm undertones. 

X & Half Baked // X is a peach shimmer with a gold undertone & Half Baked is a golden bronze shimmer. 

What'cha think? lovely eh. I really like both of these and would absolutely wear this day-in-day-out. Once they're launched you should be able to pick these up on the Urban Decay website here or House of Fraser here
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