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Valentine's Day // 12 Unique Cards For All Budgets

Valentine's Day, the one day a year where getting mushy is OK. The one day where we're forced to tell that one (or more) person 'I love you.' Over the years things have changed, it's become OK for those who aren't romantically inclined to say those three words a little different, to celebrate it a little different and to choose whether or not you swap gifts - if you don't that's still OK. 

In my household we're pretty blase with the whole faux celebration, I personally believe that you should regularly show the one/s you love that you appreciate them. It doesn't always have to be soppy or romantic but it should show that you care. I tend to show this by calling hubster cheeky names, slapping his butt and well just being silly. Because of this I do get a lot of enjoyment from ruder, dry humour and more crass cards (but still within reason, I can handle some swearing but not anything too vulgar). 

I've covered small Valentine's Day treats (here) as well as unusual gifts (here) but I had get to touch on cards. Sometimes a card is enough to show that care, so enough of me yabbering on here - I decided to create a top 12 wishlist covering all sorts of card types... 

Ketchup Card (£2.95) / Fantastic Bottom (£2) / Random Notes (£9.50) / Luv Dub Camper (£3.90) / Rawr Dino Card (£3.99) / Much Love 3D Card (£5.99) / Personalised Card (£4.50)
Love is in The Air (£2.50) / You Rock My World (£4.50) / Pug Love (£2.99) / Happy Valentine's F*Chops (£3) / Bear Hug (£2.50)

Whatcha' think? Are you more of the retro, minimal or crass card buyer? Me I'm all over that fuckchops card. It's genius. 


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