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Valentine's Day // 15 Unconventional Gifts

Another Valentine's Day post, are you getting sick of them yet? I hope not after all love is a beautiful thang. This time I wanted to cover gifts that were not typically seen as being Valentine's Day gifts. Gifts that suit the hipster, quirky and overall AWESOME chick-a-dee and these tick every box (in my opinion). 

While they're a bit different they aren't way out there. Here's what I choose to gift to your hunky monkey or delightful diva... 

Pink Pug Candle (£25) // Pugs not drugs guys, pugs-not-drugs. If there was ever any reason to buy a pug inspired item it's Valentine's Day. While a pug head candle doesn't scream 'I love you, have my babies' it does make you look absolutely incredibly awesome - surely there will be extra points for it being pink *wink* guys and gals if you're hoping your V-Day's going to end up going a certain way *hint-hint* then you need all the extra points you can get. 

Red Lace Bra (£18) // Lingerie it a typical gift I know but most of the time it's purchased by the other person who may or may not automatically hit Ann Summers. While Ann Summer's have gorge stuff it's not always to the taste of the person who has to wear it. I figured this was sexy and absolutely womanly. Pretty but a tad naughty is always a great option plus, it looks uber comfy too. 

Forever Ink Tattoo Balm (£7) // Okies hear me out. I'm not advocating going out on the spur of the moment and getting your lover's name scrolled in curly font along your forearm but, how surprising would it be to open this balm with a gift certificate for a tattoo along with it. Maybe you want to show off your new tattoo (name, symbolism etc) and gift this so your lover has something to unwrap. Of course, you may have to get another gift as balm alone is pretty crap. 

Gold Beaded Leopard Ballet Flats (£40) // Ballet flats, glitz and leopard print ermagerd these have it all going on, but they're still classy. I rarely find leopard print draws me in and when you factor in the chavtastic bling typically seen with mobile phone cases and leopard print what-nots I'm normally secretly horrified but these *swoon* are so amazingly perfect. Perfect gift although I don't recommend gifting these in your in a single-sex relationship with a guy. 

Ecote Red Backpack (£42) // It's red. It's cute. It's suitable. Bags are here to stay so you really can't go wrong can you plus this looks really expensive. 

Love Candle (£8) // On sale from £25 to £8 if you're a bit strapped for cash this is a great option. Most people love candles, damn it even hubster loves himself a good candle and this does say 'love' which surely means it's made for the 14th? 

Mink Pink Lace Kimono (£65) // Ah see this one I just loved so badly it had to be entered. I know I would be so impressed if hubster gifted this to me with no prior prompts but the reality is it's never going to happen. I hope one of you lovelies finds this wrapped up in some pretty paper. 

Burgundy Lace Bralet (£16) // This was added for similar reasons to the red bra, although this had a bit more of a gothic sexy edge I felt. As a bra it's very simple but very striking all the same. 

Sparkle & Fade Multi-Strap Dress (£38) // I'm bringing sexy back... nuff said. 

Rookie Classic Roller Skates (£90) // I'm literally speechless, I never expected to find these but when I did I just knew it was love. Who else is feeling the retro love for these? 

Chalk Board Frame (£10) // Just add a cute picture, your pug, your first date, your abtastic abs or your member (some get kicks out of that okies, no judging). Either way you could totally cutify this or make it crude -Gold Beaded Leopard Ballet Flat all depending on you and your lover's tastes of course *wink* 

Lovelorn Notebook (£11.99) // It's a notebook. Stationary lovers will adore this,  I know I do. If you love notebooks, writing, list making or pretty books that make your bedroom look awesome then this is the perfect gift. 

Skull Jewellery Box (£22) // Oooh it's edgy. I love the ying-yang effect of this. Masculine skeleton with feminine jewellery box. I want it, I need it. I know other's are going to feel it too. 

Love Listography Book (£11.99) // This has been added for exactly the same reasons as the Lovelorn Notebook. If I had my own way this list would have been filled with notebooks, journals, stationary and cute stickers... possibly of pugs. 

So clever clogs out there will be saying 'but that's only 14 items' why this is a 15 product list you are so very-very right. I figured the whole tattoo thing is another gift in itself and therefore is number 15. Matching tats, tattoo gift vouchers, matching piercings or some symbolic tattoo'd reference are all acceptable. I don't urge you to get any sort of name permanently etched onto your skin and I'd say only go for a tat if you a) know what you want, b) aren't drunk and c) actually want to get one. 

Either way happy love day you lovelies. I'm also going to forewarn you there are more Valentine's Day posts headed your way... 

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