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Valentine's Day | Aveda Pure-Fume Absolute

Have you ever walked into a new age store and been greeted with the warmest, seductive scent alive? I know I have and for most of my life I couldn't put my finger on what the scent was - as a teen I realised it was Nag Champa incense (after going through so many oh so terrible incense brands *eww*).  Champa flowers are gorgeous aromatic flowers from India, they're heady, seductive and absolutely amazing in perfumes. The Champa flower itself has notes of orange flower, ylang-ylang and tea rose. 

For me, incense scents are my go-to scent. I've tried a few 'incense' perfumes, sprays and even candles and nothing quite hits the incense spot I have in my heart. Lush Karma gets close although it dries down to more of an orange fragrance than I'd like it too, today this all changed.

Meet Aveda's Pure-Fume Absolute. 

Did you know that Aveda Love was originally created in 1980 and was the first-ever scent Aveda created, while it's not exactly the same as the Pure-Fume Love it has the same qualities and similar notes? 

Don't be fooled by the size of this perfume as it really packs a punch. Notes include Sandalwood, rose, ylang-ylang and Jasmine. Initially, it's the ylang-ylang that hits your nose and-it's-wonderful.  I don't personally pick up the rose possibly because I'm now used to the smelling deeper and more earthy notes. 

To apply you simply roll on to your pressure points. This is an oil fragrance so the notes stay true and strong for the first hour, normally an alcoholic base perfume would have started to fade within 30 minutes of application. Each time I moved about I was hit with the warming scents of spirituality and holistic living mixed with sexiness. It's wonderful. 

 Love Pure-Fume would make an excellent perfume for any day of the year, I am slightly biased with that however for Valentine's Day it's simply perfect. I'm pretty sure you'll feel sexy and womanly wearing it. It costs £22 from Aveda if you want in on this. 


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