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Valentine's Day | DIY Projects

I'm a huge crafter or at least I was until I started blogging, now I just oogle and partake in a bit of crafty goodness whenever I can. That doesn't stop me from having a huge crafting to-do list - I'm a list girl and because I have so many lists I figured what better than to create a DIY feature. 

Three boards covering small crafty projects, style and token gifts. There's a few I plan to do so check them out below...

Pixel Heart Card // A simple weaving design that makes this look like pixels. You could absolutely make this out of scraps, paper, magazines or anything you have if you're skint this Valentine's. 

Wall Hearts // Another cute idea from my favourite blog ever - How About Orange. You can download the sheet of hearts from their blog and it's so simple, print, cut and stick. 

Keepsake Tags // These are made from salt dough so you don't have to go buy a ton of Fimo or crafting clay. You simply shape them, stamp them with your message (or leave that to the end and write it on with Sharpie or marker) using a straw punch out a hole and bake. The tutorial is found if you click the name.

Heart Rocks // I know I'm not going to go pick some rocks out of the garden and paint them (well I may do but not with hearts) but my sons would LOVE doing this. Indulge your kids with some messy craft time for Valentine's Day. 

Cake in a Jar // Strawberry cake in a jar, yum! suitable for both sexes and if you're having a celebration how cute would these be as gifts. I seriously recommend checking out the recipe creators blog too it's filled with lots of awesome recipes. 

Glass Cookies // I love these but I have to admit I thought I wouldn't be able to bake these, measuring the width of the glass rim, ensuring they don't bake all irregular... pah! who's got time for that. Checking the tutorial I was so wrong - I cringe at how wrong I was with this because it's so simple. Bake cookies (sugar cookies?) then using a heart cutter punch out hearts once they're out of the oven and cut out the little slit. Allow them too cool and sit them on your glass. 

Free Printable Valentine's Poster // I just love this, there's not really much you can do with it being printable but you could add some bling or glitter I suppose, cut out some parts of it and add a coloured background....? 

Dipped Rice Crispy Treats // Make a square pan of Krispy treats and then using a heart cookie cutter, punch out some hearts. You can then melt some chocolate or colour chocolate wafers in a double boiler and dip in half of the heart. You could dip the whole thing in, you could also add a lollipop stick and even sprinkle with some cake glitter (I love me some glitter). Another great DIY for parents and kiddies to do together. 

Red Skirt // While this image isn't a DIY per-se, I figured it could be made into a DIY, if you have an old skirt you could simply cold water dye it this gorgeous Valentine's Day red shade or you could follow this tutorial and make a skirt.

Valentine's Day Manicure // Again this looks easy and you could totally make it your own by adding different colours, sequins or even glitter that heart up to the hilt. 

Braided Hair Up Do // I wish my hair looked as good as this, when it comes to hairstyles I fail, very badly. I really want to give this a go as it seems simple enough but my perfectionist qualities get their Hulk on when a braid isn't lying flat. 

Heart Beauty Spot // The easiest DIY ever. Apply a cute little beauty spot heart - I know this isn't going to suit everyone but it's so simple and sweet I had to include it. 

DIY Heart Tights // Another easy project that only requires some tights or stockings, acrylic paint and some cardboard (for your template). 

Glittered Heels // Again this comes down to three main products. Old shoes (or plain shoes), glitter and a firm clean glue such as shoe crafting glue or fabric glue. You could go all red or change it up, you're really only as limited as you want to be with this. I wonder how sequins would look? nail studs? ooooh, see the creativity flowing. 

Arrow Hair Slides // Only three items needed for this project, hair slides/pins, glitter and felt (and glue of course).  I am addicted to arrows, I'm trying to curb it because everyone's into them but I love the symbolism behind them - to shoot forward you have to pull back and of course the whole love strikes arrow thing. 

Message in a Bottle // Not into cards then these may be a sweet option. Why not slip this into your partner's lunchbox, purse, coat pocket or even sit it beside their bed? You could write anything, couldn't you. 

Light Up My Life // It's completely corny but I like it. Check the printable out and pop in a glow stick (B'n'M's or Home Bargains, I'm sure ASDA have them too). 

Plantable Seed Heart Tags // Here's the skinny on these; shred up the paper and add to a blender, cover with water and blend until it resembles a thick mulch, add a few drops of food colouring and leave it to sit for a few hours. Taking an old photo frame staple on some mesh - this is where you will dehydrate your mulch. Squeeze out the water from the mulch, you want it as dry as possible, mix in some wild plant seeds (or any others) and spread it across the mesh frame. Leave it to dry possibly in front of a radiator and once dry, cut out the heart-shaped and punch a hole adding string... voila.  

Felt Heart Bunting // Another simple DIY. Using felt cut out hearts (or any shape) and decide on your colourway. Taking a length of sticky tape, place your hearts along it to secure them in place and then run the length through a sewing machine leaving longer strings at each side to hang. Once they've been sewn you can remove the tape from the back and hang. 

Heart Gift Wrap // First wrap your gift in red paper or tissue. Taking a second sheep to draw some faint hearts in pencil, cutting out half of the heart with a craft knife. Turn over the paper and wrap (so the pencil marks aren't visible) and once wrapped, pull out the half-cut heart sides so you can see the red underneath. 

Did you see anything that takes your fancy? I'd love to hear or see your DIY and craft projects if you want to see more of what I'm loving these can all be found on my Pinterest here. Although they're linked up to their original creator's pages and blogs - just click the project title above. 


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  1. those krispy cakes are such a good idea! Definitely going to make them X



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