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Valentine's Day Style | Pamela Mann Moulin Rouge Collection

Gitchie, gitchie, ya ya da da - Gitchie, gitchie, ya ya here. Mocha Chocolata ya ya - Creole Lady Marmalarde.... Moulin Rouge. 

While I'm not overly keen on the movie, I do love it's sexiness and empowering message and when I think about the movie I definitely link it to Valentine's Day. I also usually forgo wearing tights, well sheer tights that are because I'm a 100 denier chick all the way but, on Valentine's Day it's nice to wear something a bit more sheer, detailed and a bit more sexy-licious. 

I love a lot of the newer tights designs out there but the truth is my legs are so short that they always work their way down my stubby legs pretty quickly, half leg designs are going to lose their appeal pretty quickly on me so I tend to choose simplistic but pretty designs. I figured Valentine's Day, love hearts, back leg seam - cute, simple and sexy, am I right? 

I have my V-Day outfit planned, expect to see it posted up in time for the big day and I do plan on wearing these so there's no outfit post as of yet for these but you can get the idea of the seam design from the picture below. 

And the back. 

One of the things people do is they typically purchase size small if they say an 8 or a 10, a medium if they're a 12 or a 14 and large if they're a 16 or larger. This is wrong, tight sizing works differently as it's based on height and not clothing size, normally if you're petite you opt for small, if you're average height you opt for medium and if you're tall you'd opt for large. I'm 5ft odds and currently a size 12 (I'm all hips) so I used to purchase a medium and then wondered why they were so damn long *blushes* as you can see from the image Pamela Mann works in a similar method but makes it more customised by factoring in clothing sizes too.

I opted for S/M and find these fit amazingly, this is why I head here first.  While you can purchase OK tights from Primark they slump pretty quickly and get baggy so quick, it's just not flattering, is it. With these I know I'm going to look fab. 

The Moulin Rouge Collection consists of ten designs but the actual website holds hundreds of tights, hold-ups and stocking designs - thick, thin, sheer, glittered, printed and coloured they're all available. Prices do vary but the Moulin Rouge tights start from £10 and work there way up to £35 for the Swarovski tights. You can purchase these over on the Pamela Mann website in time for Valentine's. Which design or style do you normally opt for? 


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