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Binky London // Nail Polish Review

I blogged about the Binky London polishes a while back simply because I really like Binky in Made in Chelsea - she's relatable, kind and funny. She's the type of person I would like to have as a friend compared to the others. I also love nail polish and a new brand of polish is never going to be a bad thing in the beauty world is it. 

I was kindly sent three gorgeous polishes to review and seriously these shades are so very me. Spring shades, cream finishes and liquid sand esque texture! They couldn't have gotten it anymore perfect if they had tried. 

Want to see the polishes?... 

Ta-da! These are each 12ml bottles which are on par with Models Own. They have a Union Jack branding which is so very Binky especially with the little crown above the 'I' - mixing the rocker with the feminine sophistication. 

I found the formula of these to be perfect, neither too thin or thick these applied easily and evenly and dried in a standard amount of time. The texture polishes would absolutely work with one coat but I tend to do two coats as standard. The glossy Spring green is so glossy in person and has a cream formula - this does require two coats to get that fully opaque finish. 

Purple Haze // This is a vibrant purple liquid sand type of texture with lots of sparkle in both teeny sizes and larger circular glitter pieces. 

Silver Sparkler // This is a similar formula to the Pimlico Purple but it's a gorgeous matte silver with the same small and larger sparkly glitter pieces - the contrast between the shiny sparkles and the matter texture is gorgeous, this is my favourite of the three polishes. 

Marlybone Mint // This is a creamy mint with a hint of blue. It's the only way I can describe it as it's neither green, teal or blue. 

Marlybone Mint & Silver Sparkler // This is on the bottom left. I decided to do some tests and wanted to see how the green would look with the silver topcoat. You can see here that the silver is a one coater as the mint is no longer visible. 

Purple Haze & Silver Sparkler // This is on the bottom right, I loved the finished look of this combination. This was created with a fine purple bottom coat and a quick silver topcoat. The end results is a lilac frosty base with silver sparkles. 

I also loved that the swatches were very true to the bottled polish. I find I purchase so many polishes only to find they look very different once swatched. Overall, I found the Binky London polishes to be on-par (or possibly excelling above if I'm honest) Nails Inc and you know how strong my love affair is with that brand. Binky London excels above China Glaze and I'll not go into OPI as it varies greatly with that brand. Long story short I'm hooked! 

Each bottle costs £4.95 and are available from the Binky London website. Have you tried any of the Binky London polishes? I really want to try the gel effect polishes next. 


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  1. These look lovely and such a good price! When I'm back at work I am so buying some x

    1. They're amazing Laura, I really have no faults whatsoever with these. I have my eyes on the reds and pinks next :) x


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