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Birchbox // Lulu Guinness Box

I use to subscribe to all of the beauty boxes at one point but Birchbox was my favourite, even though it was a leader I did unsubscribe because I figured I could use the same amount of money on other treats or towards larger wish list items and in all honesty the hype had dulled a little. I read about beauty boxes nearly every week, so I thought you guys may be the same - sick of seeing the boxes filled with 'meh' brands and products you may not buy in the real world. 

I however caved this month due to the endless promotions and hype of the Lulu Guinness and Birchbox collaboration. I'm a huge Lulu fan and figured that this box had to be awesome, who would put their name to something that's pretty shambolic eh. 

Birchbox comes in a Kraft brown box with the little drawstring bag inside. It's the attention to details and the superior products that makes this brand my favourite from them all. Inside the box you will find... 

Benefit Stay Don't Stray // This is the light/medium shade and personally it's a tad too dark for me so I can't give a real opinion on it's performance. It's basically a concealer that smoothes and refines the look of your skin. 

English Laundry No 7 Perfume // Launched in 2010 this powdery, fruity and bright perfume is one that flew under my radar until now. I initially thought 'meh' this is going to be bleugh but once spritzed it really woke me up in a surprisingly good way. Top notes include pear, jasmine, melon and apricot; middle notes are gardenia, almond and jasmine and base notes include vanilla, whipped cream, sandalwood and musk. 

Dr Brandt Pores No More // I've yet to try this product but it smoothes the texture of the skin, mattifies and absorbs excess oil and provides an excellent base for makeup. 

Aroma Works Serenity Body Oil // This comes in a glass sampler bottle, it's so cute. Scent wise it smells fresh, herbal and floral all at the same time. Again I've yet to try it simply because I'm stowed out with body oils but I'll definitely give it a shot because I adore neroli. 

Cellu-Cup // This was the product that actually hooked me into subscribing. I'm all about getting rid of the lumpy thigh look and I'd hoped that the Cellu-Cup would be my saviour. It's basically a thick rubbery plastic cup, you squeeze it, apply it to your thigh and it sucks to your skin (kinda like when you sucked a cup and it would get stuck on your face - don't tell me you've never had a cup stuck to your face before) you're then supposed to move it up and down your skin so it's sucking it and the cellulite - hopefully breaking down those lumpy bumps. 

The reality is, the cup itself is too hard to squeeze with one hand - fibro girls don't even try this you will not win. Once you eventually get the bloomin thing to suck onto a patch of skin it just un-sucks itself as soon as you move it! I had more fun finding a spot and letting it suck that area - yes I felt a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow when she rocked her sucked cupping marks on her back. 

Rock // It's rock. I didn't eat this but I did appreciate the small central details on it, check out the close up below. 

Pretty huh.

Also included was this cute little magazine filled with useful tips from Lulu Guinness, this was my favourite one. ' Spend More Time With Your Family.'

Overall I'm indifferent about the box. Nothing wowed me and it wasn't enough for me to continue my subscription. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad box by any standard it just didn't feel like something I was excited about enough to continue paying the monthly fee (I'm moving so everything feels a bit frivolous right now). 

You can get your own box from the Birchbox website for the usual price of £10 plus £2.95 postage. You can cancel at any point as there's no contracts. If you're going to purchase from the Lulu Guinness website use code BIRCHBOX20 for £20 off any £100 spend and you can enter BBXBloggers to get this box for only £5. 


Statement: Nothing to disclose / bought it myself

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