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Charbonnel et Walker // Spring Collection

I'm apologising in advance for the sheer amount of teasing that's due to go down with this post. For those on a diet I'm s-o-r-r-y I really am but these have to be shared with the world because they're so damn good. 

Charbonnel et Walker is a premium luxury chocolatier brand that makes the most incredible truffles. I've not tried anything other than their truffles but personally, I can vouch for the tremendousness that is their truffles. Like every other good brand out there they too bring out seasonal collections - who'da thunk it? 

First up is their Sea Salt Banana Caramel Truffles. These are the latest chocolaty release and seriously I've never met anything as unique and yummy as these ones alone. Here are some pictures... 

Even the box is quality. I've actually re purposed each of these boxes because they're so thick and sturdy, this one holds my perfume vials and miniatures in it - I wish it help more chocolates but it doesn't. 

Ta-da! sugary, melt in your mouth goodness. These have a dusting of icing sugar on the outside, when you pop it in your mouth they just melt away and the centre bursts releasing the sweet caramel, fruity banana flavour with a hint of savoury sea salt to balance it all out as it hits the back of your mouth. Yum! 

You may have already seen these featured in my Valentine's Day post but if I wanted to include these because they're still current. These are the Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles and aren't what they seem. 

I hate alcoholic foods, I don't even drink due to medications and even when I did drink it was only flavoured ciders (cause they tasted like juice and not alcohol). I was slightly scared as I popped this in my mouth but put it this way, I ate this box alone - all of it. 

Again these have the icing sugar and also melt in your mouth, the champagne flavour is so delicate and balanced that you never get that horrible hit of spirits at the back of your throat like most alco-chocolates do. These were so surprising and indulgent and I would absolutely purchase these again. For myself. 

I've also in the past tried the original Sea Salt Caramel Truffles and it was those that initially brought me to Charbonnel et Walker. I like good chocolate especially when it's created with quality ingredients because you can absolutely tell the difference, lower-priced treats are nice as treats but if you're after a bit luxe in your life then Charbonnel et Walker's your man I say. 

The Sea Salt Banana and Caramel truffles are my favourites and anyone who loves a good grown-up banoffee flavour will agree, they cost £10.00 from John Lewis and the Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles in the larger sized 200g heart box cost £15 also at John Lewis. These will cost you £5 more everywhere else. 


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