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Christian Louboutin // SS14 Clutches

Christian Louboutin SS14 collection is inspired by the works of impressionists such as Van Gogh and Monet - chances are you'll recognise a few of these floral works of art but notice they have been given a modern revamp with some utterly gorgeous Louboutin bags and shoes. 

The SS14 collection is most definitely whimsical in nature, there's no one guiding inspiration or colour palette which you'll see from the bags below, Spring is one of those seasons however that a whimsical style fits into seamlessly because our attitude changes - we become happier, more drawn to colour and pattern and are eager to whip out our fancier clothing, bags and shoes, I'm absolutely feeling that right now which is why I had to post about this collection - everything in it is incredible and I can feel my purse twitching. 

Here are the beauties... 

I'm not sure what the name of the watercolour clutch is but the black shoulder bag is called the Khepira Clutch Multi, the Khepira has so many compartments and as a organisational addict this is perfect for me - get in my wardrobe. 

The style for this season is the Sweet Charity bag which Louboutin have kindly created using so many patterns, materials and colours. For me the spikes wins every time but the Faience carpet pattern and pvc variations are interesting also. 

Again I have no name for the Spikes rucksack, snake print clutch and mini bag on the lower centre but I'll update this post as they come. Who else can see the whimsy with all of these creations? 

Which style are you coveting? You can pick yours up from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in store if you fancied picking one up. Personally I want so many pieces from the SS14 collection but funds won't allow it - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a surprise lotto win. 


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