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Christian Louboutin // SS14 Shoes (Pic Heavy)

Following on from the SS14 Louboutin handbags collection is the shoes! the shoes are far more exciting and only show a small amount of what's going to be available. This post is picture heavy and not purse friendly - you have been warned. 

These aren't my favourites but they're still gorgeous. 

No name // Oh hells no. These are so wrong in my opinion as there's too much going on, very 90's. 
Pink & Gold Catchetta // The same design in two colourways, I think I prefer the gold sandal better. 

No Name // These are most definitely the most ornate from the collection. I wouldn't wear them as I think they'd be hard to pull off without making the wearer look overdone. 
Viveka Watersnake // Animal print lovers are going to adore these. 
Martha // I normally love classic style so typically I'd steer clear of this type of design but I actually love these, ornate without being overdone and the shoe design is classic with a twist. 

Now these on the other hand, wowzers. I would happily give up all of my shoes for these. 

Pigalle Spikes // These are what lead to me posting about this collection. 
Paralili // Nautical colours and a great shape. 
No Idea // Another no named shoe. Classic and beautiful, there's nothing to hate about these. 

Decollete // I am loving everything about these, the colour, material, height and shape. 
Pigalace // Not loving the lace but as a wedding or spring celebration shoe they'd be incredible. 
Toboggan // These go with everything, especially jeans. 

Louis Gomme Spikes // You'd need to be brave to wear these I reckon but they're still beautiful. These are also available in the men's collection. 
No name // Adore these boho-inspired wedges. I would absolutely wear these. 
Effarita Nappa White // A classic take on a brogue - without the brogue-y-ness. 

No name // Ahhh squeee I love these. One word... Glitter!
No name // Another simple gladiator-type sandal that is so wearable, these never really go out, do they? 
Athena Veau Velours // Simple sandals that make a statement. 

I do not know the names of the top row of shoes. For me they are pretty meh - what's your opinion of them? If you know the names let me know. 

Academicus Crepe de Chine // I can't even try to love these, sorry. 
Costa Nada White // The scary thing is I would totally wear these and probably not even be ashamed about it. 
Costa Nada Black // See above. 

Belly Nodo // High heels that look as though they would be comfortable and chic to wear. I love the muted shape and I do go weak at the knees for a good t-bar shoe. 
Djlaouzi // Silver in the front and a party in the back. 
Farfamesh Gold // Forget the red bull, farfamesh have wings. 

Aqua Ronda PVC // These are completely out of the box crazy but still look awesome, on the right person these are going to look amazing but maybe tricky for others to pull off. 
Leonor Fini // Love, love, love these. If these didn't have a peep toe I'd be saving my pretty pennies for these for sure. 
Just Soon // French stripes - need, want, who's with me.  

No Idea // No idea what these Kourtney Kardash-esque boots are called. 
Amazona (tan) // Another pair of nice but not wowing boots. 
No Idea // Thee perfect work shoes. I so badly want the two  of these. 
No Idea // See above. 

Apostrophy // I adore slingbacks, white are a risky option in our weather but still, throw caution to the wind and rock these babies. 
Air Chance Patent // Ah I love these, the perfect work wear to night wear shoes. 
No Idea // Not doing too good here with the no names. These will be coming soon however. 

Are any standing out, pulling on your heart strings or just making you say 'oh hells no!' right now? I'm loving the Pigalle Spikes and hating the Academicus Crepe de Chine. These will be available in store at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols if you fancied picking up a pair or two. 

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