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Clarins Opalescent Collection // Multi-Blush Cream Blusher

This is so precious I didn't want to use it because it looked so perfect and beautiful. Nope it's not one of those palettes with fancy artsy designs or embellishments on it but it is the Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Blusher in Candy. 

I've never been a blush girl mainly due to having natural red cheeks. As I've gotten older however my skin tone is most definitely faded and I knew that I needed a little something-something to stop me looking so washed out. I've tried lots of blushers and cheek stains and I've been happy with a few but I saw this and thought 'Yasss' I have to have it. Maybe it was the chic gold case packaging or maybe it was the creamy pink-coral shade that caught my eye, in all honestly it was probably a bit of both but lo and behold it's here. 

This is a cream to powder formula which contains rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower floral waxes which make it so soft and beautiful. I've used cream formula's before and they started off good but by the end of the day I looked horrendous due to my combination skin type, this however is a cream and being a cream it enables me colour onto my cheeks easily. Once it's applied onto your skin it does turn into a powder, the texture suddenly changes while you're blending into a velvety soft texture which becomes slightly harder to blend. 

I found it was easier to get an even amount of colour by applying a few dots to the apples and then blending them as quickly as possible. If I needed more I reapplied in the same way and then moved to the Real Techniques Face Brush to really blend it out and smooth the look of the blusher. 

I also applied this to my lips and the shade is absolutely gorgeous although it doesn't have lasting power. As a lip colour base however it really makes any top coat stick around for longer. 

You'll see from this swatch that it's a pink shade, I did think it changed to suit your personal skin colouring as it looks different on my friends skin than it does mine - she has more of a yellow, tanned tone to her skin where as mine is a super white and red tone. You'll also see the bottom of the swatch is starting to turn powder like, when it turns powder like it has a slight illuminating sheen to it which is gorgeous. 

This blusher cost me £14.40 from Escentuals and it comes in four different shades with Candy being shade 02. I absolutely recommend this if you love to take charge of your blushers overall effect. 

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