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Clinique // Cheek Pop Blushers

I have been coveting the Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers since before their release, I think I've discussed them before here on the blog because I was surprised because I was actually coveting blushers, I never covet blushers simply due to the fact that my cheeks are/were naturally red and rosy (ugh) so I never needed to add anything to get that healthy flush of colour. As I get older my red rosy glow is fading and I do feel that I need a little something-something to keep me looking youthful. 

If you know me and have been following the blog then you'll know that I adore packaging, quirky design and gorgeous colours and these Cheek Pop Blushers have it all going on. Springtime pressed flower shaped blusher is housed inside a clear circular pot so you can see the gorgeousness 24/7. 

The Cheek Pop Collection consists of four blushers, two pink tones and two more neutral warm tones. I have two of the four too show you. 

I mean seriously check out the detailing on these blushers. You can even see the pollen shapes in the centre and the petal shapes in the background. They're so incredible and I actually didn't want to use these for fear of wiping away the design. 

I find a lot of brands that have shaped palettes, powders and shadows only make the design deep enough to withstand one swipe, after the initial swipe the design is lost. Luckily that's not the case with these blushers. 

On to the swatches...

Berry Pop is the deeper of the two pink shades in the collection. I did initially think it was going to be too vibrant but once it's blended in it leaves you with a gorgeous healthy looking pinched pink cheek. Surprisingly wearable and given that I've got ghostly white skin it's really suitable for all skin tones. 

Ginger Pop is my favourite, it's a warm coral toned peach shade that's so beautiful on the skin. I have a cool skin tone yet this suits me. It's especially great for those who are a bit scared of bright pops of colour but want a healthy looking natural glow. Ginger Pop is also the darker of the two neutral shades, the other shade being Peach Pop which is more peach than warm coral-peach. 

These blushers cost £16.50 and as you can see they are well worth the price. The colour payoff is incredible with even the slightest swipe and the detailing in the product itself is absolutely premium. I especially love that the design stays firmly put with each swipe. The colour is beautiful on the skin and it has a slight luminescence to it which brightens your face leaving you looking radiant. If you're not into makeup, apply some mascara, a cheek pop and a slick of gloss and you're going to look absolutely incredible - you really don't need anything more than that to look radiant. 

You can pick these up at your local Clinique counter or on the Clinique website. Which shade do you feel you'd go for? 


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