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Dior Addict // Fluid Stick Collection

I mentioned this collection on my Facebook page yesterday and as promised here are the deets. The Dior Addict Fluid Stick Collection consists of sixteen gorgeous Summer shades to suit all preferences, it's being said that it's not a lipstick but let's be honest they are lipsticks but in liquid format. Nevertheless liquid lipstick is incredible, for those who have tried these they apparently offer a high level of pigmentation but have a stain quality to them also. 

Here's the shades: 

Whisper Beige // Cool toned beige. 
Frisson // Warm toned nude. 
Kiss Me // Baby pink. 
Magique // Pop of pink. 

Adventure // Muted orange. 
Wonderland // Perfect pink-coral
Minuit // Deep chocolate grape. 
Intrigue // Sultry grape. 

Vie D'Enfer // Gothic red with cool undertones.
Mona Lisette // Fuchsia pink
Beige Lie // Beige. 
Artifice // Vibrant orange. 

Mirage // Warm coral
Rieuse // Nude pink
Open Me // Deeper red. 
Pandore // Vibrant red with a hint of coral. 

These are due to launch this May and will be available from Selfridges . Are you in? I'm preferring this collection over the YSL Baby Doll if I'm being honest. 

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