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Embellish | Bouton Button Jewellery

I posted not too long ago about Duepunti, Bouton are another fabulous jewellery company that offer a stunning range of Sterling Silver jewellery and cubic zirconia accents - it was the button jewellery that stood out in particular especially since I have a penchant for trinkets, buttons included. 

The Bouton Button Necklace and the dinky button earrings are sold separately but came together in this gorgeous box. As much as I adore statement pieces and dangle earrings it's sometimes nice to have that set that's calmer, easier to wear and goes with everything and that's where Bouton come in. They remind me somewhat of Links of London or even Tiffany's with their iconic designs and product types (think Tiffany's affordable range and not the celebrity range), they also sell create your own pieces and charm bracelets but I gave those a miss because they're just not me whatsoever. 

The necklace really surprised me because it not only held the most sparkling button pendant but the neck clasp also had a button which dangles quite seductively down the top of your back. This particular piece is the classic button necklace but there's also a rose and yellow gold version too. Each of the necklaces is suspended on a diamond cut twisted 925 curb chain which really gives this some fabulosity. 

The stud earrings are only 8cm so you can wear these overnight without being stabbed in the back of the ear (nightmare isn't it) and they're small enough to wear to work but still noticeable enough to make your work colleagues jealous - cause who doesn't love buttons? 

The necklace costs £75 and can be found here and the earrings cost £45 and can be found here. What do you think of these? Do you see the cute factor of the button pieces or do you veer away from cutesy styles? 

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