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Essie // Neon Collection 2014

Essie is launching their new Neon collection this Summer which consists of six gorgeously bright and vibrant polishes. Neon seems to be the standard for most brands with a few veering off track and bringing us magnificent colours (more on that later) however you can't really go wrong with a good bright nail when the weathers hotter and the sun is shining, can you? 

The collection was inspired by shopping and the types of emotions and phrases we use when finding a most sought after piece, picking up a wish list item at a bargain price or finding that must have beauty product. I actually love this back story because I can absolutely imagine wearing these shades when shopping and can see how they linked each colour to its name. 

Boo bad photo, apologies it was so hard getting a sharp resolution for this photo due to the neon bottles. 

Here are the shades: 

Chills & Thrills // Wildly sexy. Totally unexpected. This supercharged neon blue violet keeps you on your toes. 

I'm Addicted // Bright. Hot. Dangers. Nothing is off limits for this decorum-defying neon aquamarine blue. 

Too Taboo // This vivid intense fuchsia is poised to take the world by storm. Sit back, relax and enjoy the glow. 

Sittin' Pretty // To buy or not to buy? Go ahead, splurge! this fluorescent berry hibiscus is a total must-have. 

Serial Shopper // Full disclosure: this you-know-you-want-me fluorescent fire coral is seriously habit-forming. 

Vices Versa // It's so good to be bad in flawless juicy neon lime. Cool and contrary, this opposite attracts. 

For me, I'm Addicted is the standout shade, I've never been a blue toned girl but this is incredible and I can see this easily becoming the shade for Summer 2014. Essie also plans to bring out their popular cube set which contains four of the six neon polishes as well as the stand alone bottles. So which one are you going to get first? 

Once they're launched you'll be able to pick these up from Boots (possibly 3 for 2 you never know) and Space NK.  


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