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Essie // Surprise Collection

Oooh Spring glitters guys. China Glaze will be blessing us with this spanglific (it's a word okay) collection. The Surprise Collection is made up of six chunky colourful glitter polishes that are inspired by confetti and surprise parties. 

The glitter particles are both matte and shiny so you can be sure to get a great contrasting look from each coat. 

Here's some pretty pictures to get you through the day... 
Glimmer More // Combination glitter. Pink, orange and yellow. 
Shine-nanigans // Combination glitter. Purple, pink and matte lime green. 
Glitter Up // Combination glitter. Purple, orange and turquoise. 

Create a Spark // Combination glitter. Black, pink and purple. 
Don't be a Flake // Combination glitter. Black, pink and matte turquoise. 
I'm a Go Glitter // Combination glitter. Pink with lime and matte turquoise. 

I'm loving them all, I can't even force myself to choose only one and I rarely say this but it does seem to be one of those collections that screams 'haul me in one go' doesn't it. Once launched you can, of course, pick these pretties up from Nail Polish Direct.


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