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Groomed // Male Grooming

I purchased some samples from Latest in Beauty a few weeks back and decided to pick up a few bits for the hairy boy. Although these are classed as samples they're actually full sized products which is excellent really especially for the price. 

I picked up Groomed Cool It! Post Shave Balm and also the Groomed Two in One Multitask Hair & Body Wash. Hairy boy is quite simple when it comes to his beauty routine but I have to say he has excellent hair and skin, I get slightly envious if I'm being honest. I've always pampered him but he's an everything in moderation type of guy, rarely gets stressed, doesn't drink or smoke doesn't use any harsh products and is a pretty healthy species of a man if I do say so myself. 

Post Shave Balm (£2) // Fresh, light and does the job. The only downside to this was the formula was seriously fluid and after the first application, it has leaked out of the flip top lid. This really needed to be in a container where the applicator was at the top such as a pump top or screw top bottle. The hairy boy says this is equal to his Nivea although this one is less perfumed and more 'fresh-natural' in regards to scent. 

Two in One Multi-Wash (£2) // Hairy boy and Cooper (middle son) love this. It looks like a simple wash but once it hits your skin you're hit with a blast of menthol which invigorates and wakes you right up. It's non-drying on your skin and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins - Cooper has seriously dry and sensitive skin and it was perfect. It moisturises, cleans and freshens you perfectly. They had no issues or faults with this product. 

I was really happy that he loved them because I like treating him even if it's just little things such as this. Also as someone who absolutely loves natural products, I was pleased we could start purchasing this brand from here on due to it being chock full of natural ingredients such as peppermint, cocoa butter, and organic almond oils. These samples were also £2 each and full-priced they cost the same, I've since learned that you can pick these up in ASDA's. 

Overall these would absolutely get a 5/5 however due to the fluidity of the post shave balm that product would be pushed down to a 4/5. For the price though it's still pretty awesome huh. 

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