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Guerlain // Meteorites Blossom Collection

I blogged last year about Guerlain reformulating their Meteorite Perles for 2014 here, I was excited then and I was excited upon their release and finally I managed to get some - yay. Pearl type beauty products were one of the first types I had ever tried, at that point it was multi use bronzing pearls from Avon that could be used on the eyes, cheeks, face and yup I used them on my lips too (the shimmery golden ones). 

I love pearls because they can be built up to provide everyone with a different shade, they can be used on so many areas and they tend to work out far more financially viable given the cost/usage per wear. 

I also mentioned in my original post that the pot was a huge incentive to purchase these in my opinion, I love this elegant somewhat modern deco patterned container so much that I was to purchase a glossy white vanity desk just so I can keep it out (damn I want some pearls and an ornate hand mirror too but that's another story) on display. 

There are three colour options and each pot consists of a combination of three colours that help to even out your skin tone; pink refreshes and brightens, mauve highlights and yellow counteracts redness. Each pot shade also includes it's own coloured pearl for a pot specific use. 

I have Claire 02 which contains green pearls which help counteract redness even more so than the standard yellow pearl. White and champagne pearls also help to illuminate and brighten up the skin tone. I tend to suffer from irregular skin tones and redness is and has always been my irk - I can deal with pigmentation marks and dull skin but my red cheeks and now nose have always annoyed me, as a child it looked like I was always blushing. 

There is also Medium 03 which contains nude, champagne and beige pearls to warm and brighten the skin. The peach pearls also add a healthy glow which would look amazing on all skin tones. 

Lastly Dore 04 is the one that will add the most warmth as it contains chocolate pearls that bronze and mattify the skin, beige and fuchsia pearls help to lift and brighten the skin tone and leave you looking glowing - Jessica Alba eat your heart out. 

The perles this time around are definitely softer, they do break easily and you will always find perle dust within the container. Some beauty lovers have seen this powder as being a negative thing and while it's not ball shaped it can certainly still be used to highlight, on the eyes and even on the lips under a gloss. 

To apply the perle pigmentation you simply swirl round your face brush and apply in circles to your face, decolletage and cheeks. A little goes a long way and you can absolutely see the brightening effect and I will try and get a face pic up this weekend now that my skin cleared up quite considerably. 

This swatch shows the powder to be white but upon application it fades into the skin without leaving any white or noticeable patches. I deliberately applied more here so you could see the sparkle and shine of the powder. 

I purchased these from Escentual and they cost £33.75 and it's £33.75 well spent. These are going to last a l-o-n-g time and they're such a delight to use and to keep out on display. Another added bonus is that they smell exactly like Parma Violets - most ball type products always smell quite gross and powdery but not these. 


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