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Guerlain | Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Colours

I am in awe of this collection guys, it's incredible and I wholeheartedly want every single lip colour. So this is the Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Colour Collection (try saying that ten times fast). 

The collection consists of seven lip shades, two of which are limited editions. Each of the lip colours is packaged in the most incredible metallic cases which in itself makes these covetable. Imagine being out and pulling one of these babies out - I would feel pretty awesome about it and while I'm not big-headed, this may be the one product that pushes me over the edge into being big-headed and proud. 

Sometimes a little bit of showing off is good for the soul... right? 

Lip colours include:  

Rose Grenat // Red-pink velvet finish. Limited Edition. 
Rose Glace // Nude pink. Limited Edition. 
Gaetane // Deep brown. 
Galiane // Nude beige. 
Geraldine // Bright pink. 
Geneva // Blood orange. 
Gladys // Vibrant fuchsia pink. 

The collection is due to launch around April time and you'll be able to pick it up from both Debenhams and House of Fraser. I know it will be priced in the luxury price range but on this occasion, I really feel it's so worthy of it. I just can't get over how beautiful Rose Glace is.  


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