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H&M SS14 // Sports Luxe Done Right

Quick post sweeties as we got our new addition Bodhi today and I am knackered - like seriously running on empty. 

Sports luxe is rearing it's ugly head again which may make some jump for joy but for me it just makes me feel all ughghy (it's a word now). I've never been the most sporty or the fittest and as far as keeping fit goes yoga is my maximum however, sports luxe seems to make it's way to the catwalks annually. 

I'm all for recycling fashion styles and they say everything goes round in circles right but I wish they'd change it up a bit. It seems to me that the term 'sports luxe' means mesh paneling, monochrome side stripes and neon shades coupled with black materials. At first, I thought fab they had taken the nineties sporty style and completely changed it up and I loved the neon however year after year when kept popping up I ended up thinking 'oh not again'

I just wished someone would make it softer, more feminine and luxe like. I was literally just thinking the same a few weeks back and low and behold H&M SS14 collection release hits my inbox, a quick scan and I found these among others. I love how soft, feminine and clean these look - suitable for all ages and they never really go out of style either. 

I love jersey materials, super soft cotton, and cashmere because they sit on the body perfectly. thick enough that they skim our lumps and bumps but not so restricting and thick that you're left with overhang. What are your thoughts on the sports trend coming back? is it a trend that you love or hate? 


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