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Like & Loathe // #1

So I decided to start a new feature on ten things I've liked and ten things I've loathed over the last seven days. I 'hopefully' will manage this weekly but with a new puppy coming in the next two weeks, a house move in six weeks and hubsters change of job and going self-employed hitting us next week things may be a tad cray-cray in the Silver household. 

It hit me when I was planning the blogging themes that I always write about things I love or like, during the week I try many products, listen to lots of celebrity gossip and of course wear things that I hate but they're never full post worthy. I do empties where I discuss things that maybe aren't great but there was nowhere to fit in the other things, hence the birth of this feature. 

I'll give it a trial for four weeks to see if you guys enjoy it, if you do then we'll keep it going. I'd love you to link up below with your like and loathe posts and I'll feature as many of your post links in my future posts. 

Here goes... 

Ten things I've liked 

1. Lanolips 101 Ointment // This has saved me from hours of pain because my skin broke out in what can only be described as eczema. I've never had it before but my chin, in between my brows, my eyelids and around one side of my nose looked red raw, peeling and as soon as I applied thick creams they'd just sink in leaving me parched once again. Lanolips was my saving grace and I relied on this to curb the pain caused by dryness - it did an amazing job and I'm hooked now, my tubes nearly finished however but it was absolutely awesome. 

2. IKEA // With our impending house move I've been frantically trying to figure out what's needed so we're prepared. IKEA has been a huge saving grace for us and I've found so many gorgeous, affordable pieces for our new abode. I probably should do a post on that alone shouldn't I. 

3. ASOS Petite Maxi Skirt // I've been looking for a petite maxi for well over a year. I'm fussy and wanted one that was black so I could team it with everything and I didn't want it to have any slits or bling - I found it on ASOS and once it arrived I realised I should have sized down and it was still far too long (normally petites still too long) but I just wear it hi-rise and it looks awesome. Very happy as it took a few days to arrive also. 

5. Lumie Brightspark Lamp // The Brightspark lamp is typically used to bring more daylight into your life, daylight helps to resolve S.A.D and also fatigue, I got it for the extreme fatigue I suffer from fibromyalgia and I pop it on for 30 minutes at night and it's fantastic. It also has an extra benefit I realised in that I can take product photo's at midnight with it as it makes the room look like it's day. I will blog about this in more detail this week guys and show it in action. 

6.  Drink Me Chai // My saving grace since finding out I was suffering from celiacs. I love their spiced chai drink and have it every single day. I'm desperate to try the vanilla chai and how chocolate chai now too. If you've not tried it, if your celiacs or if you love chai I absolutely recommend this product. You can also pick it up in ASDA. 

7. H&M // How many amazing goodies do they have? I just purchased the ballet-esque skirt, flats and jumper so expect to see me all girlie and in my ballet inspired outfit very soon. I'm also in love with their latest cushion range. 

8. Links of London // Everyone knows about my Links of London goodies having arrived but each day I just glow when I look at my arm and ring because each of these items have huge meaning and I just feel so special. My Buddha on my necklace reminds me to stay calm, my ring reminds me that I can be sophisticated and put together and my arms make me feel like my inner bohemian finally shows. I adore everything so much and can't believe I won their competition. 

9. The Return of Vampire Diaries // Stefan or Damon? Which one are you? I'm torn between the two if I'm being honest although recently I'm more Damon. I'll be horrified if Stefan and Katherine rekindle their romance, what are your thoughts? 

10. The New Cath Kidston Clothing // Ah be still my beating heart, I am crazily in love with their new fashion collection - possibly another post topic but it's so very 'me'. Have you checked it out yet? 
Ten things I've loathed 

1. Grapefruit Lip balms // I was tidying my beauty drawers out and found a couple of unused lip balms, so decided to give them a shot. Well, I now realise why I left them in the drawer - ugh grapefruit and me do not mix. 

2. Facebook // I've been growing frustrated with Facebook since they reduced visibility of non paid posts, it kind feels like I'm chatting to an empty room. I don't even go on as much now but I just don't want to give up with it so I've been thinking of re-branding and getting a plan in place. What are your thoughts of a blog Facebook pages? 

3. End of Tax Year Increases // All of the letters are hitting our doormat now and they freak me out. The thoughts of the end of the tax year fills me with anxiety as it does many self-employed people. Stay calm, breathe it will all be over with soon guys. 

4. Galaxy Note's Battery Life // I use my Iphone for normal mobile uses but I just can't part with the Note for it's camera because it's incredible but, it barely lasts a day without the battery completely dying *sigh*

5. Losing My Glasses // Yup I went and lost my new glasses, absolutely struggling to see anything especially at night which has lead to me having to go fork out stupid amounts of money once again this Tuesday. On the plus side I am getting a free trial of contact lenses from Specsavers on Tuesday also. I'll keep you posted on this. 

6. Hubster's Negativity // Naturally I'm a optimist and hubster is a pessimist. I love him and can handle his pessimism but with his change of job, the house move, the car needing work, the new puppy and my eldest sons medical issues he's been super pessimistic and with him being off work for this week it's been wearing me thin. I know he doesn't mean to be negative but he worries, too much for his own good because things always work out for the better (or is that just me being optimistic again hahah). 

7. Shops selling open toed sandals and hot weather clothing // I'm just envious that's all. I've seen so many gorgeous shoes and clothing pieces but I know I'd buy them and never get to wear them due to the rain. Let's hope they're still available when the sun comes out to play. Who else is feeling this irk? 

8. Next // I went to purchase new bedding, home decor items, new school jumpers and new hi-tops and school shoes for my sons. Last season I went online to purchase their party outfits and Cole needed new trousers and you know what - I can't get anything in stock! it seems anything for six, seven and eight year olds is never in stock and it's absolutely frustrating because George clothing is good but it doesn't have the lasting power that Next has. 

9. Keratin // Honestly it's harder now to find products with no keratin, keratin type products or wheat or hydrolyzed gluten and wheat proteins. For celiacs this is a nightmare because keratin is wheat, if you have especially sensitive celiacs or even a wheat intolerance this can lead to balding spots, blistering ulcers and a seriously painful, dry and weeping scalp - I've went through that and it was so upsetting so please read the ingredients on your hair and beauty products. 

10. Artex // Not exactly beauty and even lifestyle but I hate the stuff. Our new home has it in the hallway and the thought of removing it and the cost for removing it freaks the beejesus out of mean. I get it was in style in the 90's but whyyyy - whyyyy would anyone put it all over their homes. 

I hope you enjoyed my quick post. Remember to link up with your liked and loathe posts and I'll feature as many as I can in my next post next week. 

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